Brayton Bowman – ‘IT’S GONNA BE RIH’

Brayton Bowman has me so hyped. I had to calm myself down before I started writing this.

Let me tell you what this talented young man has done, he has sung a cover of NSYNC’s ‘It’s Gonna Be Me'(perfectly I might add) and seamlessly blended that with the dancehall vibe of Rihanna’s ‘Work’ and even covering a little piece of that too making this the bomb diggity fresh yo, yeh I said it and I’m not taking it back.

Speaking about the track, Brayton says it is the preface to his next project which is on its way.

“Imagine if Rihanna & *NSYNC had a love child, I’d like to think this tune would be said baby. It’s a warm up to a collection of songs I’m calling “22 minutes later.” I’m 22 years old, the project is 22 minutes long ON THE DOT & it flows like an old school r & b album…a continuous listening stream if you will. The songs are quite literally my musical autobiography. It’s my life story, at least as accurately as I know how to tell it, in song. The first track is called “What’s Really Good?” STAY TUNED!”

I’m ready!!

Take in the track below

S/O Brayton’s bae, MNEK who did his magic on this track.


Brayton Bowman’s official website

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Brayton Bowman on Twitter


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