Bluestaeb – ‘Alright’

Bluestaeb always delivers something that is so wonderfully unique and refreshing. I honestly can listen to his music all day.

His latest track, ‘Alright’ is a combination of different grooves, first you hear a bit of Bossa Nova with a trap beat and then you get a little R&B that comes in and everything blends so well together. He definitely takes the listener on a musical journey.

Speaking about the song the Paris based producer said ‘Alright’ showed the transition from his last album ‘Rodalquilar’ to the music he makes today.

“Around that time I started working more and more on the arrangements and the live instrumentation of my music in order to create full songs & not just looped beats. I was also listening to a lot of Neo-Soul & Soulection at the time, which influenced my own music. ‘Alright’ is a result of this process. I was always fascinated how well brazilian / latin rhythms and trap drums blend together and I was looking for different grooves from what I had previously incorporated into my music. Also, I was (and still am) trying to incorporate more of my own musical roots (percussion, drumming) into my songs so this actually felt very intuitive.”

Hear it below


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