BENEE – ‘Want Me Back’

BENEE is a nineteen-year-old artist out of New Zealand who you should have on your radar. This track that I’m about to share with you has already garnered more than 600,000 plays on Spotify, and it dropped just a few weeks ago.

BENEE cites genre-bending artists such as James Blake as points of inspiration; she conceptualizes diverse soundscapes and lyrical narratives by sourcing diverse material such as funk bass lines and Arabic scales.

“I like the flexibility to cross genres,” says BENEE, “To have the creative space to mix it up and not be confined to one sound.”

I love what she is doing and I will be following her closely.

Stream the track below

BENEE said the song was freestyled in a studio session.

“I just improvised and think the result is more vulnerable and different to the rest of the songs on the FIRE ON MARZZ EP. It’s definitely tops of the BENEE songs for me right now.”


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