Benbo was first featured on MIML just last month with his song ‘F This’ and tonight I have for you ‘Gravity Pulls Me Down’. The song is described as an “off-kilter, psychedelic tinged alternative pop wonder”, according to press details. I would describe this song as perfect. 🙂

Speaking about the track, Benbo said, “It’s about depression I think, how you can be feeling high because for once everything is going lovely and then something happens to puncture your happy feeling and you’re on your way back down to the ground. Also there’s something in there about true love, I used to think it was about true love winning in the end but upon listening to it again I’m not sure whether it’s actually about the love in question being unrequited.”

‘Gravity Pulls Me Down’ is the first cut of his forthcoming mini-album which you can pre-order here.


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Written by Darcel

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