Becky Hill – ‘Space’ (Official Video)

Becky Hill is one of my favorite vocalists. If you’re not familiar with her music, you will understand why she is a favorite as soon as you hear her sing. She has one of those powerful voices that stirs everything within you.

On her latest track, ‘Space’, Becky opens up to us about something very personal.

“I’m proud of this song for many reasons. Actually, it’s the most honest I’ve ever been with myself, let alone the public. Produced by Mark Ralph, Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, with vocal production from Ryan Ashley, this song has felt like a step up and a step out for me as an artist. A dance floor ballad that tells a story, with an insight into my life and who I am as a person, it really gears up to what to expect for my debut album. The album will be full of personal insights from my life that aren’t necessarily for a dance floor, but more for how I listened to albums growing up, in my bedroom taking each song as if it were meant for me. And now I’ve done it! Written an album for myself that I hope other people can resonate with, just like I used to when growing up listening to other artists’ albums. I don’t think I’ll ever get another chance to spend that as long on an album again, so as a first flag plant in the ground, I’m very excited, proud and ready to release it into the world!”

Hear it below.

‘Space’ is the third single to be lifted from Becky’s upcoming debut studio album release.


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