Bathe – ‘The Silence’

Bathe has created a beauty of a track with ‘The Silence’. A dream-pop gem.

Speaking about the track, Bathe (Bailey Crone) says:

“For the song The Silence, I would like for it to lyrically be able to fit any one person’s image of loss and loneliness and the quietness that always comes hand in hand with the concept of absence. I relate to the lyric
‘Guess it took yourself a while to become the one that you know you can count on’ in many different ways.

It could be talking about my past history with panic attacks where I struggle with anxieties of being alone, how I had to rely on myself to follow my passion with creating music, losing a loved one, or anything really.”

Hear it below

Bathe says the song will fit thematically into the new LP she will be releasing in 2020 called ‘Last Looks’.

“Which will be full of songs relating to struggles of loss. Not
breakup songs, but the concept of loss as a whole.”

I am looking forward to hearing it.

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