I listen to this track by AnnaLina and I can’t help but excited for what the future holds for her. ‘Know This’ is spectacular and AnnaLina’s smooth as silk voice is one that deserves your attention.

She explained that she wrote this track after a break-up with her boyfriend of more than two years.

“While I was trying to process my feelings on it, I found myself getting some kind of comfort from thinking about his perception of the breakup. So, I ended up writing this song from his perspective and in a prophetic kind of way, it ended up becoming my perspective too. We didn’t break up because either one of us had done something bad or even because we fell out of love with each other, it seems we just grew apart and somewhat lost ourselves in it. ‘Know This’ speaks to those in relationships that don’t seem wrong but also don’t seem right anymore. And reminds us that there doesn’t have to be some big problem and no one needs to be vilified for you to be able to listen to yourself and do what’s right for you.”