I came up with the idea for this post after having a conversation with Le Poopsie last weekend. I was pointing out to her that I know every time she is angry by the music I can see she is listening to on her Blackberry.  There is one particular song that is her favourite and whenever she is really mad it remains on repeat forever! Here it is:

Some angry shit lol

When I’m really angry I listen to Linkin Park’s ‘Places for my Head’

But there are other times when I’m angry and I just want to calm down so I listen to a lot of vocal trance. I have not listened to this song in a while, I guess I have not been THAT angry for a long time which is good.

I asked a few of my other friends what were their angry songs and here are some of them:

Definitely some interesting choices. What is your angry song? Comment below and let me know.


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