Los Angeles-based producer and singer-songwriter andreas owens has released his 5-track debut EP, aptly titled ‘almost everything i’ve ever wanted to say’, an intimate and vulnerable R&B-infused pop record. ‘bad4you’ is a song off the EP and it is my newest obsession.

I love andreas’ voice and the vibe is so soothing and sensual, I can’t get enough!

Stream it below.

“‘bad4you’ is likely the first song I’ve ever written where I can truly say I understood the significance of every sonic and conceptual decision. I’m not sure why, but with ‘bad4you’ in particular, I felt like something just clicked and suddenly everything made sense to my brain. Writing and arranging the song became less about convention and expectation, and more about what I felt the song needed, throwing caution to the wind, and consciously letting the song finish itself. I think in doing that – in a sense, giving myself to the song and not trying to dictate its final form – I found a place of comfort knowing I wasn’t forcing anything into the track that perhaps didn’t belong. Through the process I think it came into focus that production is, in every sense, a language, and producing ‘bad4you’ really helped widen my vocabulary.” – andreas


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