Amber Mark – ‘Put You On’ ft. DRAM

Amber Mark is bringing that 90s vibe with her new track. ‘Put You On’ featuring Dram is an R&B hit and it has this really nice groove that your body will not be able to ignore.

Discussing how the track came together, Amber reveals, “The idea of the song came from wanting to talk about a woman who made it out of the hood in NY and into the top of success. Cardi B was really blowing up at the time and I thought a similar story to hers would be such a vibe for the production. The beat sounded so much like summer in NY and I figured it would be dope to lyrically make a subtle NY anthem.”

Stream it below”

‘Put You On Feat. DRAM’ is the follow up to Amber’s critically acclaimed ‘Conexão’ EP, released back in May.


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