altopalo has blessed my ears with an amazingly refreshing sound. I’m not sure what genre it is because with ‘Blur’ I get a little electro/chill pop and a little bit of future R&B but a label isn’t and should not be important when the music sounds this good.

I’m going to let the press release describe the song a little better for you to know what to expect before you click play.

So here you go:

“It’s the story of a romance developing distorted through the dehumanising digital devices we use every day. An ambient shroud of electronic minimalism swells in accompanied by soft vocals before the thudding mid-tempo beat drops. A touch of avant-garde oriental flavour (provided by close mic’d unplugged electric guitars) reverberates through their futurist electronic soundscapes, revealing the complexity of feeling that goes into altopalo’s art.”

Now I invite you to listen to the beautiful musical creation


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