Abe Parker – Seventeen (Official Video)

Do you remember what life was like when you were 17? It seemed so much simpler compared to what life is like now. Abe Parker reflects on life at that age in his new track. The song has this almost poetic vibe and the video is so perfect.

We see Abe return to his hometown of Blue Rock OH and visit a few places I’m sure meant something to him at that age.

Check it out below

There’s something especially painful about the first time you go back to your hometown and for some reason it just doesn’t feel like home anymore. It’s like you know every road like the back of your hand but yet you feel lost. It’s so ghostly trying to take in all the run down buildings, the friends you’ve lost and the loved ones passed away. Somehow the world just moves on as if you were never there. – Abe


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