It’s a new week, and I know many of you are dealing with those Monday blues. Let me help take those away with a new track from Celine Cairo. The singer/songwriter from Amsterdam has been on my radar since 2017. She has a voice that blew me away the minute I heard it, and I have supported her music ever since.
So I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to interview her and also share her new track ‘Siren Song’.
Check it out below.

What inspires the music you create? 
Everything in life that moves me in some way. It can be a great movie, a conversation I hear when I’m sitting next to people on the subway, my friend telling me about their relationship struggles or my own experiences. And also, I love discovering new music, that gives me so much energy. I love pop and singer/songwriters, but I’m also totally into instrumental music like soundtracks or techno or Fado. It’s all over the place really haha just as long as it moves me, I’m in and draw inspiration from it.
How would you describe your music to those who have never heard you before? 
I’d say it’s lush synthpop with intimate acoustic elements, a hint of triphop and some heavy pop melodies. 
What was the experience like working on  ‘Siren Song’? 
It was a strange one! Sometimes I write songs, and they just come bursting out, and with this one, the start and idea came together really fast but halfway I got stuck. Me, Jasper and Ben (my co-writers) re-wrote the chorus like five times. Looking back I think the song was so important and heavy to me that I just wanted it to be perfect, and sometimes that makes it harder to be creative because you start overthinking everything.. but we got there, and now I’m so proud of it!
What can fans expect on the EP?
So this EP is the first new thing I put out since my debut album, and I feel it’s a bit more grown up and well thought out. Back then I finished and released almost everything I’d written during that time because I wasn’t a fast writer haha. Since then I really got obsessed with songwriting, collaborating with writers and figuring out what I wanted to say, and the three songs on this EP are like the first fruit to come off that tree. To be completely honest – I’m so excited for this first bit to come out, but even more excited with the songs coming next because I’m still learning so much.
When you find a little bit of downtime, what do you usually do?
I take care of my plants, mostly. I got obsessed with plants two years ago and have been growing, propagating and buying more plants ever since. I love taking care of them, it’s over 30 now.. and I don’t live in a big space haha
Finally, what one word would you use to describe yourself? 
Oefff! That’s a hard one. Maybe. Lively.


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