Meet Eda Green music lovers.  She is is a singer/songwriter originally from Rochester, NY and New Jersey who has quite an interesting story.

The young artist escaped domestic abuse, at just 12-years-old and moved with her mother and brother to Los Angeles, California where she currently resides. At just 15, Eda had her fair share of partying, problems and consequences. That, combined with her own self-discovery, became fodder for her artistic outlet.

Now, at 17, Eda’s resulting musical journey is held together by her incredibly unique vocal tone that it powerful, yet haunting. This talented artist has taken the time to do a Q&A with us at MIML and while you learn more about her, you can enjoy her debut single, ”Broken One’.

How long have you been involved in music?

I’ve been writing songs since I was little but I only started recording them when I was 13.

What would you want people to know about your music and your style?

My music is my personal reality show in song form. I don’t have a filter when it comes to how I’m feeling.

What inspired ‘Broken One’?

It was inspired by a friend of mine who repeatedly pissed me off until I needed to write a song about it. She probably feels the same about me though.

What was the experience like for you, working on the song?

This song has gone through quite a few changes from when I first wrote it. Lots of creative back and forth. The process was pretty experimental and my producer (Chris Rosa) took it to a whole different level than I had even envisioned for it.

Are there plans to release more music this year? What about an album/EP?

Another single for sure. An EP for sure. An album is in the works.

When you find a little bit of downtime, what do you usually do?

In my downtime I usually just binge watch SVU and SpongeBob.

Finally, what one word would you use to describe yourself?

I don’t know so I phoned 5 friends and these are the words they gave me:

  • Mean
  • Troubled
  • Experienced
  • Humble
  • Loyal
  • Futch
  • Vintage
  • Perceptive
  • Fun
  • Walled

Now that you’ve read this and listened to her song, make sure to support her, she is definitely someone to keep your eyes and ears on.


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