I have so many things to be happy about today. It’s Friday AND I get to premiere Karmic’s new video!! For those who have never heard of them, Karmic is a co-female fronted electronic/dream-pop band based out Los Angeles known for melding genre lines.

On ‘Wisdom Pie’, the band pulls from a whirl of colorful guitar and bass riffs, all the while delivering a powerful message to stop and enjoy life’s small moments and love of family unity. An important message especially in this crazy world we live in.

The video for the track is colourful and fun to watch. You are going to love it!

Check it out!

In addition to premiering the video, I also got to ask the band a few questions. They shared with me what inspired the track, their plans for the remainder of the year and what’s next for Karmic.

Peep the interview below:

What is ‘Wisdom Pie’ about/what inspired it?

It all started with Peter writing that killer bass line and vocoder parts with the lyrics, ‘can I get a piece of that peace of mind.’ It’s really about connecting to Mother Earth and tapping into a new state of mind. Not being afraid of the unknown and learning how to control your thoughts and really being aware of your surroundings.

Who directed the video, what is the story behind it?

Our insanely talented artist friend Rufus Paisley. He listened to the song once and knew exactly the world he wanted to create for us.

Do you plan to release any more music before the end of the year?

Yes, we have a single coming out in October. It’s called “Pressure”

How would you describe your music to people who’ve never heard you before?

An eclectic sound that is soulful and uplifting. It will definitely make you want to move.

You recently returned from your debut “Higher Self Tour” throughout Europe and performed at the famed Echo Park Rising Music Festival. What was that experience like?

Our tour was a dream come true and since it was our first tour together, we definitely bonded in a special way. Seeing people know the lyrics to our songs was a trip! Everyone we met was so nice and really engaged. You could feel that they really appreciated the music.

What is next for Karmic?

We will mostly be in the studio working on our first full length album, which will come out next year. We also have some local shows coming up in LA. To find out where and when, check out our website www.thisiskarmic.com and follow us on all the social media @thisiskarmic