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Last month, Basel, Switzerland-based quintet Mantocliff shared their debut single ‘These Words’, a powerful orchestral electronic composition with an intense blend of emotional vocals, ethereal instrumentation, and refined production with a video that is as beautiful as the song itself. The song is off their debut album, ‘Umbilical’ which dropped on March 4. Mantocliff took the time to answer some of MIML’s questions and you can check them out below:

How was this quintet formed? Where did you all meet etc.

We mostly met each other at school, became good friends who enjoyed playing music together in several bands.

How long have you been making music?

We’ve been playing music together since approximately 4 years. In winter 2015 we formed mantocliff and defined a vision of how we want to sound and what we want to express. So the songs and style of mantocliff’s music are still fresh and new to us. We are playing our first live concert with this band in 2 weeks 🙂

What inspires the music you create?

Sometimes it’s other artists and music, sometimes it’s just one word or poetry or experiences that we’ve had in everyday life. The inspirations for writing the songs on “umbilical” mostly happened in half sleep.
Tell me about ‘These Words’, what is the track about?
It’s a love song about the difficulty of loving someone while still feeling trapped in your own mind.

What was the process like for creating this beautiful song?
Originally it was a simple piano-voice song as most of the songs on umbilical (except “choral cliff” and “implosions”). Our bassist and producer Jan Sutter (East) produced and arranged it.


The video, it is amazing, whose idea was it and what is the story being told?

The ideas for the video were developed by the director Brigitte Fässler, our singer Nives Onori and her sister Clea Onori. It started off with the idea of having raw movement and dance in it. The spinning movement and the dizziness you can get from it especially interested us. The ideas of the costumes reacting to the movement and the horse then came to it. Originally we were thinking of dancing ourselves, but….yes…we were not really talented enough 🙂 and our physical condition also wasn’t the best after spending a lot of time in the studio and in front of the computers 🙂 Finally it all started to make sense with the lyrics and the meaning of the song, which made us really happy.
What can we expect from you in 2016?
First of all we want to play as much as possible live. We also started to write songs for the next record or EP but it won’t come out in 2016, we’ll see how long it takes.
Stream and watch ‘These Words’ below
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