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A+A (Anwar and Andrew) describe themselves as a couple of guys who make good music and they weren’t lying. Last month, MIML featured their first track off their upcoming EP, ‘Believe In Good Girls‘. The guys who write and produce their music are ready to show the world what they are made of. They took time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions so you can get to know them a bit better. Read below:

  • How did you two meet?
Anwar – I use to own a recording studio in Rockland County and we met during a recoding session.
Andrew – I orginally came to work with one of the artist recording there, but him and I hit it off instead.
Anwar – We like to joke around and say that we met on which is the actual truth…
  • When did you start making music together?
Andrew – As soon as we met we never departed. We just continued to make music.
Anwar – Literally Andrew has never missed a day of working with me..  Even when he was deathly ill he still came through to record music. We even work on Christmas eve/day… We’re not workaholics but we just love what we do.
  • Who are your musical influences?
Anwar – Coming from someone who studied Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Bach, Coltrane, Miles, Correa .. I never stopped studying music. I feel like the more one understands the language of music, its so easier to speak. Thats why our EP has so many diffferent sounds.  I love spending time looking for undiscovered artist who are talented… Right now I have been listening to a lot of The Japensese House and Elliot Moss. Some other sounds are Radiohead, Sade, and Kendrick.
Andrew – I grew up on Prince and George Michael, thats where the base of everything comes from. I currently listen to a lot of James Fauntleory and Anwar smells like peanuts; its quite elogant.
Anwar – Sorry my butt.
  • What was the inspiration behind ‘Believe In Good Girls’?
Andrew – Believe In Good Girls came from my last relationship. It is not neccesarily that I dont believe good girls exsist, rather the song is inspired by that moment of limbo between the impact and the “I’ll be alright” mentality. That place where that one person that broke you represents their entire sex and you no longer want anything to do with it anymore.
Anwar – Andrew inspired me with this concept. We chopped up the song with just piano first. Once we locked in the melodies and chords, it was pretty simple from there.
  • What has the response been like to the song?
Anwar – The response has been so inspiring. We started off putting songs on soundcloud not really thinking about what kind of impact it was going to make. We just needed to get all these songs off my computer. Just a feeling of a musical release was so satisfying. Its so crazy becuase we never told any of our friends about us releasing music for the longest time and some of them found our songs without letting them know.
Andrew – Yea it was cool.
  • When is the EP expected to drop?
Andrew – May 11th because its my favorite number. 🙂
  • What can we look forward to on that EP?
Andrew – Absoltutely nothing. Terrible music and terrible people who are terrible at making it.
Anwar – This first EP is kinda of a summary of our soundcloud + 4 new songs.
  • Finally, what one word would you use to describe yourself?
A+A – Whatever.


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