When I first watched Will Joseph Cook’s video for ‘Girls Like Me’ back in March, I was impressed. He delivered a song that was catchy and unforgettable and a video that took me back to an era when people actually entertained their fans with their music videos. Now he has dropped a new song, ‘Take Me Dancing’ from his upcoming album and it is fantastic. A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity  to interview Will and he shared a bit about himself and what we can look forward to on the album.

Check it out below

How long have you been involved in music?

I started writing and playing when I was 13, i guess it was around 15, 16 I started writing songs and uploading them up onto Soundcloud and YouTube. I’ve always been listening to music and interested in music it was only then I started writing.

What got you started in music and writing?

It was fairly random, my parents didn’t push me into music lessons or anything like that. My dad is a big music fan and my brother played the piano when we were growing up…I kinda came to the decision on my own.

What music did you grow up listening to?

The bands my dad was playing a lot stuff like Raidohead, Portishead, Eels, Coldplay.

What/who inspires you?

Recently, I’ve been binge watching loads of Tyler the Creator videos, he really inspires me, i really enjoy his music but i think it’s more like I really like his creative way of thinking and the way that he puts loads of emphasis on the every bit of what he does, all of his merchandising, all of the clothing that he makes is almost as important as his music videos and the tracks that he is putting out, he kinda builds a little Tyler the Creator universe that you can get involved in as a fan.

What has the response been like for you ‘Girls Like Me’

Really good i’m glad, it feels great. This is the first proper music video I did and the people I worked with really embraced all of my ideas. It was just nice to be able to put out something that was treated like my ideas and my creativity behind it but yeah i’m glad that it was well received.

Will you maintain that theme of comedy/entertainment (in your videos) or would you stray from that a bit?

The video has to fit the song but i think it is important that you make the video something worth watching on its own. I feel like a lot of videos they’re almost just visual content to go with the song whereas I quite like putting a strong idea behind a video, like a strong concept to make it worth watching. I guess I like videos that are aware that they are music videos i find that endearing and it has more of a charm to it in that sense but yeah i want to get creative, I like making a pop video with that weird undertone, i feel that’s the theme I want to continue.

Does your upcoming album have a title yet?
I do have a title, I’m not going to say, I’ve only just decided.

Why do you think it took so long to come up with a title?

Only recently, I wanted to finish the album and then name it rather than name it before finishing it so it’s only really been a few weeks I’ve been thinking about it. It’s like with anything when you are trying to create something, the best ideas happen really quickly and you don’t think about them too much and I feel like I only just got that where I thought of something and it immediately felt right, so i guess i was just waiting for that.

Do you have a set date for the album?

It’s coming out at the end of Summer, end of August/beginning of September.

Any plans for more singles before the album’s release?

There’s gonna be a few more singles, plenty of stuff being dropped between now and the release something to look out for

What one word would you use to describe yourself?


It has been an amazing year for Will as he has already played a sold‐out show at the Barfly, as well as playing SXSW for the first time, plus The Great Escape in Brighton. He will be supporting Walking On Cars on their UK tour in June, as well as playing a host of festivals through the summer.

Look out for him here:


6th Brighton, Concorde (Walking On Cars support)

8th Birmingham, O2 Academy 2 (Walking On Cars support)

10th Manchester, The Ruby Lounge (Walking On Cars support)

21st London, Boston Music Room (Walking On Cars support)


1st Barn On The Farm

29th Leefest

30th Leopallooza

31st Y Not Festival


26th Leeds Festival

28th Reading Festival

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