INTERVIEW: Space Jesus the Man from the Moon

If you want to hear some extremely weird bass bangers take a moon cruiser over to a Space Jesus concert. This dude throws down some massive tunes and maintains a tribal vibe throughout his sets. He continues to be on the rise in the bass music community and 2016 is going to be his biggest year yet!

Peep the interview below:

Where does your musical journey begin?

Way back in the day I was at this store about to grab a new album and my dad was like “Yo don’t buy this Third Eye Blind album, here is a Bob Marley album.”

Where do you find inspiration outside of music?

A lot of Smoking and hanging out with people. I find inspiration from the people that are around me and experiences through just watching and listening.

What were you listening to back in the day?

I really liked Sublime and all that type of music but I was also kickin’ back to Eminem and DMX. I spent a lot of time at Sam Goody listening to all the stuff they had, I was a hip hop head for sure. It is cool to see the different avenues people came from back in the day to where we are now stylistically.

Favorite cartoon from the 90s?

There is a lot but one that stands out would be, ‘Pontoffel Pock’ a Doctor Seuss cartoon I used to watch it all the time and actually sampled it in my song ‘Optic Coptic.’ It is a story about a kid that has these Irish elves bring him a piano that allows him to travel anywhere in the world when he plays it and he goes on these crazy adventures, its really sick. It is a story that I watched as a kid and had no idea that would be my life later on in a way. I am traveling all over the world playing music and pursuing my dreams, it does seem magical.

Did you watch Dragon Ball Z?

Yes! I liked Dragon Ball Z but my brother was super into it, like he he loved it so much that i couldn’t be all about it but I’m about it.

What is your most memorable moment of 2016 thus far?

Euphoria was incredible. I didn’t expect it to be as awesome as it was. I have like 4 or 5 moments in my whole life of playing shows where I enter this flow state and when Im in that state I don’t know what Im saying or doing and I am in the perfect state of existence and then the show is over. And Im just in a state of pure happiness. This was one of them. Everything was just right.

Words of Wisdom for the young producer:

Keep your head down and work as hard as possible. Be humble. Be as nice as possible and don’t let shit that people say or do get to you. Never speak negatively in front of people and always push positivity. Positivity will go a long way and don’t try to blow up too quickly, Ive been doing this for 13 years and Im in no rush.

Tour Essentials: Evolution neck pillow

DAW: Ableton

Plugin: Serum

Hardware: Mother 32, Slim phatty, and some dave smith stuff – I love analog synths!


Space Jesus on Facebook
Space Jesus on Soundcloud

Upcoming Shows:

5/25 – Lightning In A Bottle. Bradly, CA

6/2 – Infrasound Music Festival. High Bridge, WI

6/10 – Disc Jam. Stephentown, NY

6/16 – Sonic Bloom. Frederick, CO

7/8 – Pirate Party, Lolo, MT

7/14 – Camp Bisco. Scranton, PA

7/22 – SubOctave Music Festival. Houston, MN

8/5 – Shambhala Music Festival. Saimo, Canada

8/19 – UpNorth Festival. Copemish, MI

8/26 – Imagine Music Festival. Atlanta, GA

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