Pastiche is defined as a creative outlet that helps artists cultivate their ideas from start to finish. Pastiche is a Caribbean collective based in Trinidad and Tobago (my island) that is  focused on collaborating on short-term projects with some of their favorite artists from around the web/world. Their latest collaboration is with Australian artist, Esther Rose on the song ‘Satin Lights’. I recently interviewed Jeremy Brewster of Pastiche to get to know the collective a little bit better.
Check it out below
 When was Pastiche formed?
It was officially formed in January 2015 with the release of our first collaboration “Wind Blows” w/ Kristen Walker. However, Mohamed and I talked about creating it months before when I had just come back from DC and he was settling back into the Caribbean from Toronto.
How many members make up Pastiche? Where are they from? And what are their roles?
There are many “friends” of Pastiche – people we collaborate with or get advice from. Officially however, there are 2 members:
Jeremy Brewster – Creative Director – Basically I’m the guy who decides on the visual aesthetic for the music and lends an ear for all the music we create. I also spend a lot of time looking for artists we can collaborate with from around the world. Geography is not a barrier. I’m from Trinidad but spent a lot of time in other Caribbean islands (Jamaica, Barbados etc.) and in the US (DMV)
Mohamed Haniff – Beatmaker Extraordinare – If you are listening to music from us – chances are, Mohamed is behind the keys. Besides being super talented and a very hard worker, he also has that great music taste, and we rely on each other for quality control with every area of our releases. He’s from Barbados but spent a lot of time in Toronto as well.
How many songs has the collective put out since its formation?
We have put out 2 projects on our soundcloud and worked with the Bajan artist Kristen Walker on two of hers. We put out
Pity Party -> A 4-track instrumental tape by two of Barbados’ premier beatmakers, Mohamed Haniff & Chris Rose
Satin Lights -> An airy Electro-Rnb track with the awesome Aussie Esther Rose (link)
Sad Magic & Wind Blows –> 2 tracks by Kristen Walker where we worked on the visual aesthetic and instrumentation.
How has 2016 been for Pastiche?
It has been good but we are now confronting the challenges of juggling school/work with our passions. We have some big projects coming out that we are really excited to share, and we are gonna experiment with a couple more genres before the year is out.
You released ‘Satin Lights’ a few weeks ago, what has the response been like?
The response has been really positive. People love the international collaboration we do on all of our projects, but the next step for us is really just getting more ears tuned into our stuff. We know it takes time though and are just focused on making dope stuff and hoping that more and more people find out about us
How did the collab with Esther come about?
I found Esther on Soundcloud while doing my random late night searches and was instantly drawn by her voice. We started chatting/showing each other love on our music and there was definitely a musical synergy/chemistry there, so we were like – “let’s do something!”. Mohamed prepared her one of his classic care packages with some great beats, she picked this one, and the rest is history haha.
Any plans for an EP or an album in the near future?
We are exploring a lot of different options this year. Our focus is really just building up more collaborative projects throughout the year to grow our portfolio, we want to explore doing a mix or two to really highlight some of our projects as well as music we are really into this year, and if we get the right collection of the songs or hit a vibe off with an artist who knows! We might just drop an EP. We are taking it one song at a time.
Stream ‘Satin Lights’ below
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