Happy Monday! I know the Monday blues can take over sometimes but I have something that would get you out of that funk. A new Oliver Nelson tune. ‘Rhubarb’ dropped more than a week ago and it has become a permanent fixture on my daily playlist Oliver Nelson with its upbeat disco house beat mixed with his classically known catchy melodic riffs.

What’s even better I got the opportunity to ask Oliver about the new track and to find out what we can expect from him in the coming months.

So peep the interview but before you do that, click play below.

How excited are you about the release of this track?

– Very excited! I don’t think i’ve ever released an instrumental track before. The track also got a more up-tempo house feel, and it’s been a while since i’ve done anything like it, but i had a blast producing it and i’m very excited to see what people will say about it, especially fans, since it’s not my normal style of production.

What inspired it?

– Whenever i play at gigs i have an amazing time playing my own tunes and similar stuff, but I’ve always felt that i wanted to do something i can play a bit later and something that is really pumping. I listen a lot to the more up-tempo stuff so i just thought that the time was right to try my sound out with a funk house flare.

What was the process like putting it together?

Well, i really wanted to keep my sound, the one that my fans and myself are used to, but bring it up a bit. I tried keeping an authentic “live” feeling in there, like real hi hats, toms etc. Also playing around old vinyl piano loops, chopping things up. The piano melody loop was from a really old record, like 60 bpm, which i just put to 122 bpm and it sounded really cool, then i just put together a chopped up harmonica as the main lead, and i knew i had something

Why the name ‘Rhubarb’?

I chose the name ‘Rhubarb’ because this was so different to everything else I have done musically, I wanted a good name for it ! 

What are some of your plans for the rest of 2017? Any upcoming collaborations, shows?

– I’m gonna be a lot in my studio, working on originals, my own and collabs! Got some big collabs cooking but i dont know if i can mention anything just yet, the one i can mention is my first ever original with my best bud Tobtok 😀 I’m playing at a Kitsune party in London June 10th, then heading off to South Korea in the beginning of August, playing the 5th, and Ushuaïa with Kygo 27th!


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