Happy Friday!! I want to introduce you guys to a very talented British and Danish duo, Oceans. The guys have been putting out some good music. They dropped their debut track ‘Cold Ain’t For Me‘ back in March. Their follow-up track, ‘Deep Blue’ which dropped just last month is drenched in that perfect Summer vibe that I can’t get enough of and I’m not the only one. Last week the track hit 500,000 plays on Spotify.

Check out the video below

The duo (Kiz Singh and Jacob Ubizz) recently took the time to answer a few of my questions, and they shared how the year has been for them, who inspires them as well as their plans for the future.

Get to know them below

How has 2017 been for you guys?
Hey guys! 2017 so far has just been an epic adventure! We released ‘Cold Ain’t For Me’ in November
2016 and since then, the brand has just been growing steadily. We’ve been in the studio, working on
new songs and concepts for new visuals etc. It’s been fun!

When you put out ‘Cold Ain’t For Me’ were you surprised by how successful it became?
Absolutely! We never had any idea that so many people would interact with the song and the sound.
The videos online and images people have posted tagging our song are so cool and make us so
happy! Everyone was super excited for our first million views but when the song got over 45 million
combined hits, we were overjoyed!

Tell me about ‘Deep Blue’ what is it about/what inspired it?
Deep Blue is inspired by similar events to Cold Ain’t For Me. Relationships and memories of special
times we shared together in the warmer seasons. It’s about summertime sadness, love, travel and
adventure. All of these things make the Oceans sound and style of music.

What was the vibe you were going for with this new track?
We wanted to keep the vibe organic and dance based, but also make the style even cooler. With
Deep Blue we introduce new sounds and textures. We are especially happy that we have been able
to keep that organic feel from Cold Ain’t For Me like the piano and guitar parts. With the vocals we
have the same pain and feel of an Oceans song but we also want people to feel happy when they
listen, hence the upbeat rhythms and percussive melodies!

How would you describe your music to people who’ve never heard you before?
Our music is the sound of travel and adventure. It depicts love and tropical memories that make you
happy and emotional. Our lyrics tell stories and our music paints summery images that make you
want to get on a plane and make memories just like the song depicts.

With the release of this track, what else can we expect from you before the end of 2017?
We are hoping to shoot another video before the end of the year but are also constantly in the
studio working on new bits. Maybe we will share some studio footage and visuals to show a few new
tracks to our fans ☺

Any planned collaborations in the future?
Nothing planned as yet, but we have a few people on our hit list!

What about tours/shows? 
This is something we are working on right now! We are getting a bunch of shows together and
preparing a set list of our original songs. We can’t wait to share what we have on our computers to
the world.

What/Who inspires the music you two create?
I would say that the people around us heavily inspire our music but most importantly, our
relationships and the memories we have made make our songs. We are constantly writing about
personal emotions and feelings. I feel like that is what makes our music so relatable to our fans.

What words would you use to describe yourselves?
Hmmm, interesting question! Passionate, Excitable, Adventurous, Emotional and Driven. Hope that
is ok to catch a rough vibe!


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