Happy Monday music lovers! I have something great for you to check out. My first interview for 2018 *does cartwheels* and I am honoured that the first is with JackEL. A young and very talented producer whose work I first featured more than a year ago. I must say this is one of my favourite interviews that I’ve done so far.
Check it out!
Tell me about yourself? How old are you? How long have you been involved in music?

Hey, I’m 21 years old right now on March 23rd 2018. I’m in my house in Vegas it’s 2am and I just got back from a session with an artist I’m working with Damire Major. I’m producing her album.

I’ve been involved in music my whole life. I grew up in New Orleans and I believe the city had some great sounds and music. I started playing instruments at 8 or so and that was a guitar. When I was 14 I was DJing and DJing in clubs in Canada specifically my home town of Edmonton, AB.
In what specific ways have you grown as a producer?
My knowledge has grown since the bigging of this producer journey. I do certain things differently now and have bigger budgets and I believe a higher quality sound. I work with many new artists frequently and am always upgrading the studio.
What has been your most memorable moment?
There has been many unique and thrilling moments in music so far but I know there’s plenty of great times ahead. I’ve DJd at some pretty fantastic venues in South Korea, Canada, USA and now being in Vegas and experiencing this lifestyle it’s always a memorable moment. I think flying out to Seoul korea and DJing at Tao Beach club was a highlight and then going to studios out there in Korea was great as well.
How has 2018 been so far for you?
2018 has been my best year yet. I’m 21 and feel really excited for the future. I’ve got 3 festivals coming up I’m headlining at and many other gigs as well.
I’ve got some great singles coming out which I’ve been experimenting with new sounds and genres. This year I’ve already released 21 songs. They are all under my record label “FVYDID” which is not an acronym but just a unique way to spell FADED and I prefer it to be capitalized.
2018 I feel like my circle right now is great and I’m really enjoying life.
What tracks have you released?
This year I’ve released a record with Jay Styles an artist somewhere internationally in the world on the vocals. The record is a Pool Dance House club feel and although it’s already released everywhere. We really plan on promoting it closer to the summer.
Slicklife released his new single Who Cares (feat. JackEL) in which I produced, the video is out for that one too and is rising up fast.
This year I’ve been dropping all my collabs with Morning Fatty a group I’ve been working with for a couple months now. We have a 6 track EP coming out soon and we’ve been dropping all the singles for it.
Lost / Roo / Antidote / Dreamlife have all come out so far and they are sky rocketing up. Currently my #3 #4 #6 best records on Spotify. So excited for where these records are going to go. We got told so far that being the opening act for The Chainsmokers on tour may be a possible.
Tonemasterflash & JackEL – Take It All Back (feat. ZaZa Maree) is also finally out and we’re doing a big remix contest to it as well for other DJ’s and Producers to enter in.
What projects do you have coming up?
Any planned collaborations in the future?
I do have many tracks coming up but you guys are just going to have to follow me on Spotify and Beatport and other stores to catch the new releases!
One I can say is Spectoral – What You Want (JackEL Remix) is dropping very soon. Russelremix and myself have 2 new songs coming out in April and Jack Hellman and myself have a new record coming out soon in April.
What has inspired you this year?
This year I’ve been inspired by the haters, I’ve been inspired by my family, friends, fans. I’ve been inspired by the new music I’ve been hearing. I really like Crankdat. My emotions have inspired me. Upgrading in life and moving into a new house has inspired me. DJing for bigger crowds has inspired me. Also locking in great sponsorships with companies such as Chillibean USA / Reek of Royalty / Empire Papers and many more has inspired me.
Is there anyone you would like to work with?
Yes there are so many talented artists I want to work with. Crankdat / and many more artists. I hear new artists every day that I enjoy. Being a DJ I like to be looking for new music all the time. I think that working with more artists will happen organically. Sometimes it’s better not to force things. Having remixes and being able to send stems back in forth easily now is very convenient.
Any tours/shows coming up?
You can check out my full tour schedule here.
I am headlining at Fun In The Sun Festival in San Fernando, CA April 7th which I’m stoked for. I’m performing at Cheba Hut in Las Vegas on April 20th.
May 20th I’m DJing at Beauty Bar in Vegas. May 18th I’m DJing at Circus Circus for an event. June 2nd I’m headlining at Chicago Peace Festival in Chicago which I’m also really excited for!
When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
I play hockey once or twice a week for a team out in Vegas and that’s fun. I like to take things pretty chill and try to create the best music possible. It’s really a 24/7 thing for me. I put a lot into my music. I like to eat really good healthy food, that’s where I am usually if I’m not in the studio or at an event. I run into so many people I know at the same places in Vegas that are my fav to eat at.
Lastly, what one word would you use to describe yourself?
The one word I would use to describe myself is PURPLE.


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