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FØRD is an 18 year old self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist from Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. The young producer made his debut in March with ‘Take You Down‘ ft Grace Hughes and since then he has had two more big hits, ‘Touch‘ ft Fueg and the his most recent one, ‘Folding Hills’ ft Xavier Dunn. With each song, FØRD just gets better and better and is definitely turning heads. Combining walls of luscious synthesizers, punchy hip-hop beats, and house-inspired vocal hooks, FØRD demonstrates an exceptional musical aptitude, bouncing between Future Bass, Moombahton, Pop and Hip Hop. The young musician cites influences ranging from Metallica to Chopin. Recently, I got the opportunity to ask him about those influences and about a few other things.

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How long have you been producing music?

I’ve been producing music for about 2 years now and it’s been about 4 months since I released my first single.

I understand your first musical loves are Metallica and Chopin, what do you love about them?
I was drawn to the energy and rhythm of the drums of Metallica and would play along to Enter Sandman for hours on my drum kit. It was listening to Chopin that got me started on playing the piano. I found the melodies and arrangements so seductive I just wanted to play them myself.
How exactly do they inspire the work that you do?
The cinematic chord progressions of Chopin is one of the main things I like to incorporate into some of my songs. Since drums are usually the dominant element in electronic music I find that having learnt the fundamentals on how to drive a beat it makes it easy to create a groove quite quickly. I always try to find what sounds like that perfect balance between the melody and emotion of the chords and the energy of the drums.
When can we expect your EP and what can we look forward to on that?
Actually I’m probably a few singles way from releasing my first EP. I’m trying to make it a cohesive collection of sounds and songs that flow together to create a story. The idea is to put out a few more singles to create the path for the EP.
Who have you collaborated with on the EP?
I’ve been writing with Mothica, Thief and Woodes, as well as Just a Gent and also a few others I cant really talk about yet, but I’m really excited for the music I’ve  been doing. I’ve also got a few more tracks with Xavier Dunn, its just really a question of working out how many songs can I put out with him without overdoing it!  
When you’re not producing music, what do you do?
Music is pretty much all I do everyday, I feel at home in my studio. I do live right near the beach in Byron Bay (Australia) so I try and get out into the surf when I can too.
Finally, what one word would you use to describe yourself? 

You can stream ‘Folding Hills’ below


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