I have been following CHIMES and their music for almost a year and I’m happy to share with you today their highly anticipated ‘Ninety Four’ EP.

CHIMES is the collaboration between London-based duo, pop producer Jamie Draper and multi-genre songwriter/vocalist, Paul Aiden.These two make great music together and I was lucky to get an opportunity to interview the dance pop duo. The guys tell me about what inspires the music they create as well as why they named the EP ‘Ninety Four’
How are you feeling about the EP finally being released?

We’re feeling epic! It’s been in the pipeline for a while and we’re both on top of the world now it’s finally out. A lot of hard work and 2am mixing sessions went into this so it’s awesome to send it out to the world!  

What was it like working on the EP and putting it together?

It was a huge amount of fun working on the EP. We are pretty like-minded musically so the songs ideas came quickly. When we started writing it we lived within about a 5 minute walk from each other, that’s when we wrote the body of the EP, then we both moved and a few more were written out in Kent.
What or who inspires the music you two create?
We both have our musical inspirations, artists and specific songs but I think what keeps us on our toes is trying to write something creative and fresh (which takes time). Not to be cliché but we do inspire each other to create!

Why the name ‘Ninety Four’?

That’s the number of the house that we started the entire project CHIMES at and where the majority of the tracks were written. The artwork is of the road it was on!
What is your favourite track from Ninety Four and why?
We both love “Cold”, it was one of the most fun to write and we pushed each other to do something different vocally/production. “Runaway” is a chill favourite that was one of our earliest tracks that we both enjoy a lot.

Any plans to release a full album? If yes, when can we expect that?

Absolutely! We just have to write it first…
In addition to releasing the EP, which you can stream here and here. The duo also released their single ‘Nite Swimming’ which you can stream below.

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