UMI’s ‘wish that I could’ is such a vibe!!! It’s one of those R&B jams that you can play forever, and never get tired of it.

Check out the wicked lyric video below.

‘wish that I could’ is the lead single from UMI’s newly released debut studio album, ‘Forest in the City.’

UMI shared : “This album began with a question: What impact did humans leaving the forest have on our minds? Our mental health, our values? This led me to another question: Is the city our new forest? And how does the city impact our minds? Our mental health and values? Is it possible for us to feel fully at peace within the city? And while thinking on these questions I wrote my album. By the end of it, I came to realize that the forest never left me and neither did my peace. That my life is a journey of returning to that forest and helping others to do the same through my art and so this project is a collection of songs & visuals that evoke peace and transformation within the listener. A reminder that we are all little forests in the city :)” 


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