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Indie-pop singer/songwriter OSKA returns with ‘Hallucinating’ (It’s Normal To Shiver), a live recording of the moving song from her acclaimed debut album, My World, My Love, Paris, which was released earlier this year. The Vienna-based artist loved the process of recording strings for the album version so much, that she invited those players back into the studio for a special live session. 

Watching her perform this song was absolutely mesmerizing, and now I must see her perform so I can experience this in person. OSKA has such a captivating sound, and she’s an artist I can listen to all the time.

‘Hallucinating’ is a very personal song to OSKA, who says:

Ten years ago I had an accident. A surfboard ‘surfed’ into my face, and I hallucinated, which was a cool experience I have to say, but it has also kind of haunted me for years and left me with a scar on my cheek. This song is about that experience, and about the fear of, at some point, becoming paranoid because of it.” 

Check out the visuals below.


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