Khamri is back! His new single, ‘Drifting’ is just what I needed.

The single showcases a confidently breezy flow with a beautifully integrated sample of Nina Simone’s chopped vocals laced throughout.

Speaking about the track, Khamari said:

“Drifting is about escapism. I was trying to find a different way to express that headspace I was in. Finding a way away from monotony and overwhelming emotion. Originally we started from the piano and the drums, but I wanted to elevate it. So I chopped the intro to Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ over the track. To me, the irony in sampling a song about a woman singing about how she’s found euphoria, over a song about my struggle of being locked into a search for it, was a dope way to tell that story.”

Sink your ears into this one.

I love the vibe and listening to this made me go back to his previous singles, and Khamari is putting his mark on the R&B landscape and I am here for it all.

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