Alternative singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Jon Bryant shared ‘Seafoam Green Apartment’ more than a month ago. The song, which is off his EP, PsychIdyllic Salutations, is impeccably written and will give you all the feels. 

Striking a more reflective tone, Jon encourages listeners to get outside their comfort zone. It’s a relatable message for anyone who has dreamed of a better life.

“This song is all about dreams that we have. Dreams of making it and the mountain we have to climb to get there. It’s about not giving up on those hopes and sticking close to the people who you love and love you. It’s about almost moving to LA and then COVID fucking up those plans in a big way. The road to a better life is rife with potholes and the occasional dead end. Sometimes the detour becomes the most exciting part.”

So true. Now click play below and enjoy.

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