Jon Bryant has become one of my favorite artists of 2021. This guy knows how to give music that makes you feel better.

His latest single, ‘Lightspeed’ features a mystifying blend of pulsing beats and euphoric R&B-inspired melodies, and let me tell you, Jon’s vocals are AMAZING!

Speaking about the track, Jon said:

“This song is about change. How fast it can happen. I remember during the week before COVID shut our lives down, I was out alone one night and suddenly realized the people I was with 30 minutes ago were gone, and I was with a whole new crew. It hit me pretty hard and I got thinking about how incredible moments and opportunities pass us by. How people we’ve known for so long change and its hard to accept that sometimes. I like change but I don’t want it to happen too fast…or get left behind.”

‘Lightspeed’ is off Jon’s new EP PsychIdyllic Salutations due out on November 26th via Nettwerk.

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