The beauty that awaits you will put a smile on your face. Ayoni’s title track for her recently released EP is quite the gem. ‘Vision’ is a manifestation song for Ayoni.

Speaking about the song, the Barbadian artist said:

Written at a time when I had no idea where I would land in this industry and sought to expand my team, this song was a personal reminder to trust the process and envision a limitless future for myself. Since writing it I’ve ended up exactly where I knew I could be, and I hope this project catapults me even further forward. I’ve always struggled to appreciate steady growth, especially in a world that worships clout, but this song has really pushed me to prioritize the process and to draw confidence from my ability to see my visions through – not my ability to be seen. I hope the people who enjoy my music will join me in celebrating life on “Vision,” and The Vision EP as a whole.

Stream it below.

It is definitely pushing all the right buttons.


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