Nineteen-year-old rapper and producer Rocco unveils a brand-new collaboration single and music video titled ‘On the Low‘ with Houston, TX rapper Vory.

‘On The Low’ is a calling card to 19-year-old’s signature harmonious high-pitch vocals as the dark themed single presents an uncontainable source of energy that surges through this unique display of genre-defying songwriting and production. The accompanying music video directed by Damian Belden conveys the seamlessness of one’s self-destructive tendencies while simultaneously trying to find a better capacity to love another individual.

“Yo I made “On The Low” in a garage closet with a mic in it. It was freezing in there, so I was in a full bubble jacket and ski mask. It’s crazy Vory hopped on it. I been watching Vory for a minute… he’s a dream chaser and I’m from Philly. It’s a big deal where I’m from. The song is about me letting go. Embracing what’s to come and not looking back.“

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