Fresh off the back of a flurry of bright and enticing releases throughout 2021, progressive singer, songwriter, and producer Brian Fennell aka SYML has shared his heartfelt new single ‘Sweet Home.’

The week has been a hectic one, and I finally feel like I can take a breath and relax because of the beauty of this track. As someone said in the comments under the music video, SYML’s music is like a safe place. As I listened to the song, I felt at peace.

Recorded in his hometown Seattle, the song was produced by Phil Ek and aims to highlight the next vibrant chapter in the artist’s journey to date.

Speaking about the song, he said:

’Sweet Home’ is never one place. It is never one person. It is a collision, beautiful and hideous, of every place and every person that we entangle ourselves with that allows us to recognize “home”. This song feels cozy and nostalgic, like the nostalgia of something good is enough to carry us through any storm. That is home.”

Check out the video below.


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