Fast-rising folk-pop duo Memorial has shared their brand new single ‘Dialtone’. The simplicity of the track is spectacular, and there’s something very comforting about it.

Speaking about the song, the duo said:

Dialtone was written after we’d moved a long distance away from each other. We’d worried about the impact it could have on our friendship. It just so happens that in that year or so we’d both endured some drastic changes in our lives, but the distance created a pathway for more meaningful communication. We called when we needed to and we visited each other at the most important times. If anything it brought us closer together as we realised we could actually depend on each other. It all sounds cheesy, but it’s what the song is about and it’s important to recognise how important some people are to you.”

Watch the video below.

I am in love with this.

‘Dialtone’ is off Memorial’s self-titled debut studio album out April 29.


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