Bess Atwell is asking a very pertinent question on her new single, ‘How Do You Leave’. She asks how do you leave someone you love.

Do you do it in the night?
Do they wake up when the morning comes
To a surprise?

The imagery she creates with her words is stunning.

‘How Do You Leave’ is off her highly-anticipated new album ‘Already, Always’.

Speaking about the new release, Bess said: 

“I think most of us long to have something that nobody and nothing can ever take away from us. Having this record finally out in the world feels like I now have something like that. If you ask anybody who knows me well, they’ll say that one of the most important things to me is to feel understood and connected. That’s why it’s so cathartic to have made something that illustrates the way I see the world at this point in my life. I hope other people hear themselves in these songs. If I had to simplify the story of the record, I’d say the recurring theme is existential loneliness, which is apt when you consider the pay-off for me is connecting with others through my music. 

“I’m impatient and a perfectionist so it’s very rare for me to create something that I feel represents me and that I’ve seen through to the end. I’ve never worked so hard on anything, and for that I am proud of myself. I’m also extremely grateful to my team who encouraged me to push harder and trust my own instincts.

“‘Already, Always’ was written over the past three years, which makes it hard to sum up easily. Most notably, those years spanned a breakup, a reconciliation, family tribulations, and mental health struggles. The record deals with the kind of nostalgia you can’t seem to escape, and the cycles we find so hard to break. On the surface it’s easy to assume it’s a breakup album, but I was trying to communicate something broader. I think almost all relationships are really just a manifestation of your relationship with yourself. I don’t get particularly nervous about releasing individual songs, but when it comes to a whole body of work like this, it’s scary. Each song makes up a small part of me, so when they come together it’s exposing.

“The making and releasing of this record has schooled me more than education ever did. I’ve made (and lost) friends. I’ve learned and unlearned things about myself. I began this project frustrated with being so lost, and have come out believing that having questions is sometimes better than having answers.”

Stream the single below.


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