It has been too long since Matoma appeared on the blog, but he’s back and with a banger of a track featuring the soulful vocals of JP Cooper.

‘Midnight Sun’ is a light-hearted track that lights up the restful night with cheerful lyrics and rhythmic beats. It came at the right time for me, as I was getting ready to celebrate the weekend. I’ll be playing this track on repeat, and you will be too when you hear it.

Here you go 😉

“I feel like I’ve known Tom for years, although we’ve only met once and “midnight sun” was written over a zoom session. ‘Midnight Sun’ is a celebration of the people who bring light in your darkest moments. I suggested the idea of Midnight Sun as a nod to the very light nights in Norway during the Summer….turns out Tom’s first ever tour was called the Midnight Sun tour so I guess it was meant to be. I have a feeling this is a creative relationship that will last much longer than just the one song.” – JP Cooper

Let’s hope because this collab created pure magic.


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