Daniel Blume will make you reflect on your last break-up while on the dance floor, having the time of your life with ‘The Way I Love You’.

This young artist is a genius. The way he can make you feel every emotion with his words while taking you on a journey to pure bliss with the music. It is phenomenal.

Speaking about the track, Daniel said:

“‘The Way I Love You’ feels like a really big moment in my career; the embodiment of everything I’ve wanted to do musically for so long. The track has given me nothing but euphoria from the moment I produced its melody, screaming prime time Main Stage whilst having the pure intimacy of a highly emotive song at its core. The record makes me feel like I’m looking out at the most mega view, taking it all in, and it was so amazing to be able to encapsulate that feeling in the video paired with the song.”

Check out the live performance video below.

What a marvelous vibe!

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