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Highly Suspect – 'Lydia'

This is what rock is supposed to sound like! Brooklyn-based trio Highly Suspect brings a new single that has become my number one rock song that I’ve heard for the year so far. They give you grittiness together with crystal clear vocals that allows you listen to the story being told while continuously jumping in… Read more »

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Joose – ‘Sunakku’

All Joose needed was a little over two minutes to make me a fan. On the Michigan rapper’s latest track, ‘Sunakku’ which means snack in Japanese, he delivers an effortless flow with hard hitting lyrics and even has time in between to take a bite. My favourite line? “N***** either with me or against me”… Read more »

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Swiss Lips – ‘Books’

An 80s pop anthem in 2015? Yes please! This is what Swiss Lips gives us in their latest track, ‘Books’ After the critical success of their previous singles ‘Carolyn’, ‘Danz’ and ‘U Got The Power’, Manchester-based electro-pop band Swiss Lips return with their latest effort ‘Books’. Discussing their new single, the band said, “It’s about… Read more »

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Michael Stec – ‘Party Dress’

Michael Stec is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia whose tune, ‘Party Dress’ has fully captured my attention. I don’t know much about this artist, but after listening to this song, I know he’s super talented and I hope he has more music in the works because I surely want more. Listen below If you… Read more »

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Sam Smith- ‘Like I Can’ (SEIDS Remix)

SEIDS’ vocal abilities, her talent, and her passion for what she does is inspiring and you’ll totally understand what I mean when you listen to her latest tune. Sam Smith’s music has been remixed, edited and chopped up. I believe I have heard it all but what SEIDS does with it, is something completely different…. Read more »

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JDVBBS – ‘DMV Vs. Everybody’ (Feat. Aye Yo Smiley & Brain Rapp)

Yooooooooooooooooo this tune right here is so hard! JDVBBS’ (pronounced jay-dubs) teams up with Aye Yo Smiley & Brain Rapp who take you on a tour of the DC, Maryland and Virginia area with their posse cut, ‘DMV Vs. Everybody.’”Their dynamic lyricism is on display, showing diversity between verses while blessing the beat with undeniable… Read more »

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Max Elto – ‘Somebody Like You’

Swedish-based electronic music duo, Max Elto (Alexander Ryberg & Tom Liljegre) are back with their newest track, ‘Somebody Like You’. The outstanding vocals on this track, pierce through your soul and it stirs every emotion inside, and if you really take it in, it could bring tears to your eyes but you’re not crying because… Read more »

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Cosmo Sheldrake – ‘Rich’ (Edit) (Ft. Anndreyah Vargas)

Cosmo Sheldrake has released another tune off of his upcoming EP, “Pelicans We” entitled, ‘Rich’ and he gets a little help from Anndreyah Vargas. The EP is the product of many travels and influences, from trips down the Panama Canal to isolated islands populated entirely by scientists, to rainforests in remote coastal British Columbia. This… Read more »

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The Kemist & Nyanda – ‘One More Time’ (Mas Tropical Remix)

If you’re an avid follower of my blog, you’ll know that I love everything Mas Tropical does and on this track, he works with one of my favourite Jamaican artists, Nyanda of Brick and Lace as well as The Kemist. These two mesh very well with Mas Tropical’s style. ‘One More Time’ was taken off… Read more »

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GIRL FRIEND – ‘Monte Carlo’

2015 is turning out to be a great year for music. I think it will be better if you just listen to this song before you read what I have to say. Fantastic! I don’t know what his voice is doing to me, but I know if I was in Monte Carlo I would have… Read more »