‘Lost Myself’ by Brian Fennell aka SYML and Elbow frontman Guy Garvey is such a beauty to hear. It’s a song that has captivated my heart and touched my soul.

The haunting new single is accompanied by a fantastic new video which tell the story of Brian meeting Guy for the first time in London, having previously worked the track together remotely.

Fennell, a longtime fan of the venerable British quartet, reached out to the singer to see if he’d lend his voice to the song. Garvey not only agreed to join Fennell on the song, he reworked his verse, bringing his unique perspective to the final recording.

Speaking about the new offering, SYML said:

“I’ve been a fan of Guy and Elbow since their album Cast of Thousands got stuck in my car’s CD player when I was in college. It would always come on glaringly loud whenever I started my car. I got to tell him this story when we were shooting the video for Lost Myself and had a good laugh. Singing with Guy feels like having a good conversation over a pint. Familiar and warm.”

While Guy Garvey added,

“I was hooked by Brian’s emotionally fluent beautiful songwriting and very flattered to be asked to join him on this song. I also discovered that he’s a lovely bloke and a great laugh. Can’t wait until our next day out.”

Check out the visuals below.

SYML’s music has a way of holding on to you and never letting go, and trust me, that’s a good thing.


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