Eleanor Hammond is one of those artists who can get you to sing along with them without realising you are singing every word. Her new track, ‘Combustion’ is quite the track as Eleanor shares her experience with toxic love in her life.

As she explains:

Growing up, I always knew my parents needed to get divorced, but they never would. Their relationship was very co-dependent and utterly toxic. Some days, all I wanted to do was run away from home just to get a break. This song was about one of those days.

The song asks: how much are you willing to risk to keep staying in this abusive relationship? I wanted to write for those who had broken, toxic home lives like mine and tell them they aren’t alone. I feel like there aren’t enough songs out there about topics like divorce or dysfunctional families. This is the most personal song I’ve ever written, and I hope my vulnerability makes it stand out.

Stream it below and check out the official video.

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