La+ch – ‘Lady’

‘Lady’ is La+ch’s fourth offering from his new experimental project ‘none’. I really enjoy La+ch’s music because it’s so unique and refreshing so if you are in the mood to switch things up on your playlist, here’s a track for you. “I really wanted to create a conversation between the lady and the man, you can hear them… Read more »

LUNAR – ‘If You’re Gonna Leave’

LUNAR has returned with a new track and the feels are in full effect. The ever mysterious artist continues to impress with her incredible musical style and this track is going to be on repeat for a long time. LINK UP!!! Lunar on Facebook and Twitter  

Ailbhe Reddy – ‘The Tube’

Ailbhe Reddy returns with her brand new single ‘The Tube’. With a flawless vocal, subtle hook and clever, relatable lyrics, ‘The Tube’ is another slice of addictive folk/pop from the Irish singer songwriter. Check out the video below “The Tube is a song about having no explanation good enough for someone, so the only thing I… Read more »

Madnap & Duumu – ‘Disappear’ (ft. Bien)

Following the release of his track ‘Honey‘, Madnap dropped a new tune ‘Disappear’ featuring French producer Duumu and Chicago vocalist Bien. It’s a smooth electronic tune with a little indie pop vibe. Stream it below One person commented, “this must’ve been crafted with so much love”. I would have to agree. <3 If you’re loving it… Read more »

Rex Orange County – ‘Loving is Easy’ (feat. Benny Sings) [Official Video]

Rex Orange County has one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a while. The stop motion video is for his latest track ‘Loving is Easy’ featuring Benny Sings. Check it out below This is my first Rex Orange County tune and judging from the comments below the video he is well loved and respected… Read more »

Derrival – ‘Found Out’

Derrival have returned to delight once again with their new track ‘Found Out’. This is indie pop at its finest.   LINK UP!!! Derrival on Facebook and Twitter

Through Juniper Vale – ‘Bird Song’

Through Juniper Vale has returned with new music. The track, ‘Bird Song’ is written and composed around the idea of synchronicity through music and love. Synchroncity means “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection”. I think that concept is very intriguing and I’m fascinated that Through Juniper Vale… Read more »

Kid Froopy – ‘Drive Slow’ (Nikö Blank Remix)

New Music Friday gets off to a great start with a new remix from Nikö Blank and it’s nothing but good vibes. That groove filled bass is the icing on the cake for me. Well done Nikö! This remix was released alongside Kid Froopy debut EP via Deadbeats Records. LINK UP!!! Nikö Blank on Facebook and Twitter

Kissy – ‘Electric Dreams’

New music from Kissy has me like: ‘Electric Dreams’ is fantastic and that chorus is everything! Hear it below I think this is her best track yet. <3 LINK UP!!! Kissy on Facebook and Twitter  

Mahalia – ‘Hold On’ feat. Buddy

Mahalia is one of those artists who impressed me with her talent before I got to the one minute mark on her track. She gives music lovers a nice blend of R&B and Pop on ‘Hold On’ but the way she does it, it sounds so unique, so refreshing and I am loving it! Hear it… Read more »

  • Janileigh Cohen – ‘Sister’

    Janileigh Cohen’s voice has left me speechless. It’s so beautiful and pure and all I want to do is just stop everything so that I can listen to her music for as long as I can, never wanting it to end. The Bolton folk singer-songwriter has earned herself a new fan. Listen to ‘Sister’ below. LINK… Read more »

  • Sara Diamond – ‘Stay a Little’ (Prod. by Noah Barer & Austin Tecks)

    The last time Sara Diamond was featured on MIML was March of last year with her tune ‘Just Give In‘. Today I share with you her latest track ‘Stay a Little’, an R&B laced pop tune. Sara sounds amazing and the vibe she and producers Noah Barer and Austin Tecks have created on this tune… Read more »

  • Seaborne – ‘Hypnotise’

    Never has a song title been more fitting. Seaborne’s ‘Hypnotise’ is a groovy 80s synth-inspired single that would really leave you in a trance. If the music doesn’t do it, the fact that it is sung in French will. I’ve always loved the French language and the way vocalist and songwriter Maryse Bernard sings, I think… Read more »

  • Sunset Neon – ‘Tonight’ (Official Lyric Video)

    When I saw the name Sunset Neon, I figured I was going to hear music with a retro vibe but when I clicked play, what I got was some 80s magic. There’s even a wicked guitar solo near the end that made me bring out my air guitar. I can’t remember the last time I… Read more »

  • Bobby Windbreaker – ‘Moments’ (Prod. ₪ jetson)

    Bobby Windbreaker is the truth. This new record (produced by New Zealand’s jetson) is incredible. The lyricism to the production really makes us excited for what else this rising artist has in store for us. Hit play and enjoy.

  • Charlie Puth – ‘Attention’ (Mike Dupree Remix)

    Mike Dupree really impressed me with his remix of Beyonce’s ‘XO‘ but this remix right here, has completely blown me away. From the moment you click play, you know you’re in for a good time. I could listen to this all day! LINK UP!!! Mike Dupree on Facebook and Twitter  

  • Madeleine Dopico – ‘With the Lights Out’

    My ears say yes to this new track from Madeleine Dopico but then again my ears always say yes to her music because it’s always so good! <3 ‘With The Lights Out’ is the second track on Madeleine Dopico’s new concept EP, ‘Poor Decision Making’. LINK UP!!! Madeleine Dopico on Facebook    

  • Tülpa & BLANKTS – Storytales

    Lately I haven’t been hearing many standout projects, this however is an exception brought to you by Tulpa and Blankts. The EP is called “Storytales”. It’s simultaneously happy and sad all at once. The warm tones and frolicking melodies keep the listener on their toes while soothing our ears.

  • The Francos – ‘Had To Come From Somewhere’

    The Francos’ ‘Had To Come From Somewhere’ is the right dose of alternative rock that you needed to get you through the rest of the day. LINK UP!!! The Francos on Facebook  

  • Nick Shattuck – ‘Darlin’

    The sun is breaking the clouds, it’s drying us out Can you feel it, it’s warm on our skin, let’s go for a swim and never get out Darlin I know you’ve been feeling down, you’re fine now. The ocean is calming down, reflecting white clouds So lay back, stare out at the ships, up… Read more »