The Francos – ‘To Keep You Going’

The Francos’ newest track is an indie rock gem. <3 LINK UP!!! The Francos on Facebook

Aristo G – ‘Boulevard Daydream’

Aristo G is making it very hard not to get up and dance in my office right now. These funky house vibes are infectious. LINK UP!!! Aristo G on Facebook

ENTRADA – ‘Still Belong’

Meet ENTRADA. Hailing from different parts of the U.K but formed and based in Tokyo, ENTRADA combine the influences of its three members, bringing pop sensibilities, passion and style. ‘Still Belong’ is the first release from the upcoming EP. I’m digging it. Let me know if you are too. LINK UP!!! ENTRADA on Facebook and Twitter

George Glew – ‘Me And My Brother’

What a voice! George Glew has a voice that is a mix of blues, folk and soul and with his gritty style, his voice is one I could listen to all day, everyday. Speaking about the song, George says, “It’s about my relationship with my brother and how despite the lack of seeing or speaking… Read more »

Weslee – ‘Bathwater’

Weslee first came into my life when I heard their debut single ‘Gassed’ back in April of this year and that song was really good. Now here comes their latest single and I must say they have blown me away with this one. It’s addictive af! LINK UP!!! Weslee on Facebook and Twitter  

MALIKA – ‘I Live’ (prod. Bearcubs)

London-based singer/songwriter MALIKA returns with her latest offering ‘I Live’, taken from her forthcoming EP Songs About C which is due for release on September 1. MALIKA gives us a 90s R&B vibe on this track which features a soulful piano melody and layers of lush harmonies. I loved her voice when I heard her… Read more »

Caitlyn Scarlett – ‘Human, Being’ (Lex Low Remix)

It was just last month I shared Caitlyn Scarlett’s ‘Human, Being’ and today I have for you an official remix by London based singer-songwriter, artist, and producer Lex Low. I love the vibe Lex creates on this and that bassline is perfect. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Lex Low on Facebook and Twitter Caitlyn Scarlett… Read more »

TyC – ‘Get To Know Ya’ Feat. Nerose

TyC’s ‘Get To Know Ya’ is a wicked blend of electronic, R&B and pop. On the track TyC “employs vocoder laden overdubs in conversation with hi-fi tribal sounds”. If you don’t understand that let me break it down for you. It is superb! LINK UP!!! TyC on Facebook

Taylor Grey – ‘MIAMI’ ft. Spencer Kane (Official Music Video)

Summer is winding down but I have a feeling Taylor Grey’s ‘Miami’ will be on repeat even when Summer is long gone. Check out the official video below “I had a blast shooting the video for ‘Miami’. “I think that the video captures the fun and colorful energy of the song and I can’t wait to… Read more »

First Time In Color – ‘Spirit’

I have another band to introduce you to today. Meet First Time In Color, they are an Alternative / Indie Rock Band from Austin, Texas. Their latest single ‘Spirit’ is a song I enjoyed from beginning to end and that’s because I really like their energy and you know when you listen to good music… Read more »

  • Madalen Duke – ‘Gucci Store’ (Mickey Valen Remix)

    Mickey Valen totally breathes new life into Madalen Duke’s ‘Gucci Store’, giving it an upbeat vibe and my ears are definitely saying yes to this. LINK UP!!! Mickey Valen on Facebook and Twitter    

  • Smoke Season – ‘Good Days’

    It’s throwback Thursday and Smoke Season is giving us a reason to remember those times that shaped us into who we are today on their track ‘Good Days’. “Those events seem to slip by as they’re happening but their importance becomes so clear in retrospect. To us, this is the definition of soul-shaping.” – Smoke… Read more »

  • Ira Hill – ‘American Outlaws’ (Explicit)

    Ok guys. Before you check out this video, I need you to stretch, get your body ready for the head banging you’ll be doing. Cleveland, OH rock n’ roll quartet Ira Hill brings the heat on their track ‘American Outlaws’. It’s hard rock you’ll love. Now enjoy the video. “The sex doll kept deflating after every… Read more »

  • Vars City X Bling Eye X Bobbie Cortes – ‘Is It Love’

    Ayye!! This is what I will call a big chune. This dancehall infused song describes the ongoing struggle between balancing your dreams while chasing the love of your life. LINK UP!!! Vars City on Facebook and Twitter

  • JNNA – ‘Since U Been Gone’

    Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’ is one of my favourite tracks, I listen to it almost every day. When I saw this cover on Submit Hub, I was very curious to hear what JNNA did with it and after the first 30 seconds I was very impressed. JNNA slows it down, changes the overall… Read more »

  • I Am Willow – ‘Hearts In The Night’

    I Am Willow has returned with new music and it is stunning. From the lyrics, to the music to her voice. I am in awe. via GIPHY  LINK UP!!! I AM WILLOW on Facebook and Twitter  

  • Nocturnal Tapes – ‘Wake Up’

    Nocturnal Tapes is putting me in a mood to groove with their newest track ‘Wake Up’ and it’s that type of groove where my eyes are closed and I feel as if I’m the only one on the dance floor and everything around me is moving in fast motion but I’m so into the music… Read more »

  • Leonard Herron – ‘Amazing’

    Leonard Herron’s ‘Amazing’ was a track that I got over on Submit Hub. It’s a track that I wanted to support because to me it’s so pure and I hear Leonard’s passion in the way he sings and I love supporting new artists. So check out the song below and let me know what you… Read more »

  • Rony Rex – ‘Burn’ (Roisto Remix)

    I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since Roisto has been featured on MIML. So here I am very excited to share with you his latest remix. Roisto joins Gas Gas, KASPERG and Smok who have reworked Rony Rex’s sizzling debut EP ‘F*cked It Up’. Roisto brings a little disco vibe to his… Read more »

  • Josh Mac – ‘Burn Away’

    Josh Mac is just 18-years-old but so talented. ‘Burn Away’ is his debut track and it is so damn good. It’s electronic pop and you’re going to love it as much as I do. ‘Burn Away’ is on Hype Machine so click here to give it some love. LINK UP!!! Josh Mac on Facebook and… Read more »