Zita – ‘The Rains of Castamere’ (Game of Thrones)

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan like me, you’re going to love Zita’s take on ‘The Rains of Castamere’. She said she found the track to be a sad one and wanted to give it a brighter touch. Stream it below Click here to grab the free download. LINK UP!!! Zita on Facebook    

Savannah Ré – ‘Impressed’

One line you hear a lot in Savannah Ré’s ‘Impressed’ is “I’m so impressed by you” and I think it perfectly captures how I feel about her music.  After just hearing the first 30 seconds of this, I have firmly placed the Toronto R&B artist on my ones to watch list. Hear the track below Speaking about… Read more »

Florian Picasso – ‘Obsession’

Yes!!! This tune goes hard! Florian does it again. ‘Obsession’ marks his second release on powerhouse imprint Musical Freedom. LINK UP!!! Florian Picasso on Facebook and Twitter

Michael McQuaid – ‘Wild Love’ ft. Milly Roze

Am I the only one who eagerly awaits New Music Friday? I mean when you get gems like this: How could you not get excited?! S/O Michael McQuaid and Milly Roze for this track. It is pure perfection. LINK UP!!! Michael McQuaid on Facebook and Twitter

EDEN – ‘crash’

I’ll be honest, I have received a few of EDEN’s tracks over on Submit Hub in the past but none ever grabbed me like this one did. I loved the emotion and his vocals on ‘crash’ when I first heard it a week ago but little did I know that when I listened to it… Read more »

CARDS – ‘Forever Nothing’

CARDS is the the new project of L.A. based Producer/Songwriter, Mike O and my new favourite artist. ‘He released ‘Forever Nothing’ a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed the way he blended alternative music with the familiar sounds of the Caribbean that I love so much. Hear the track below LINK UP!!! CARDS on Twitter… Read more »

Whitney McClain – ‘Cruise’

Whitney McClain gives us a modern R&B track over an old-school groove on her track ‘Cruise’. She sings so perfectly without much effort and she has so much soul. Stream the track below Speaking about the track, Whitney said, “I wanted to create a record that pushed positivity and hope that, no matter how bad… Read more »

Dustin Tebbutt – ‘Winter Sun’ (Jesse Javan Rmx)

Jesse Javan’s remix of Dustin Tebbutt’s ‘Winter Sun’ is the type of track you would want to close your eyes and let your body sway to the super chill vibe. Hear it below I love it! If you do too, click here for the free download. LINK UP!!! Jesse Javan on Facebook    

ISA – ‘I.S.A’ (Official Video)

I shared this amazing song just last month but I didn’t know an official video dropped a few days after that post. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!! It’s definitely in my top ten for 2017. Check it out below LINK UP!!! ISA on Facebook 

Juliet Ariel – ‘Take Me With You’ (Official Music Video)

It was back in September when I shared Juliet Ariel’s ‘Take Me With You’ and a few weeks ago she dropped the official video. I love it, I think it fits perfectly with the song. Juliet said: “Take Me With You is about freedom. I wanted a performance with beautiful tropical landscapes, crashing waves and kaleidoscope… Read more »

  • Jackie Venson – ‘Mysterious’ (Live)

    How could you not smile after listening to this? Jackie Venson always puts me in a good mood with her music. I have to make it my duty to see her perform in 2018. ‘Mysterious’ is off her new EP, ‘Transcends’. LINK UP!!! LINK UP!!! Jackie Venson on Facebook and Twitter

  • Vian Izak – ‘Little Lost’

    Everytime I get a new Vian Izak track weeks before it’s released, I feel like I countdown the days until I could share it with you. The feeling I get listening to his music is one that I just want to share with everybody. His latest track ‘Little Lost’ was inspired by U2 and co-produced… Read more »

  • Durante & Amtrac – ‘Pray’ (Original Mix)

    I just can’t get enough of this track. I just love the way it begins and then progresses into this melodic dreamy wave of pure magic. Listen to ‘Pray’ below This is Durante’s first single off his ‘Unraveled’ EP. LINK UP!!! Durante on Facebook and Twitter Amtrac on Facebook and Twitter

  • jackLNDN – ‘Start Over Again’

    jackLNDN has shared another stellar tune. ‘Start Over Again’ is off his two-track EP which he dropped more than a week ago. The track plays with synth-led melodies, breathy and expansive vocals and 80s style analogue vibes. Enjoy it below LINK UP!!! JackLNDN on Facebook and Twitter      

  • Rahu feat. Cybil – ‘Give’ (Extended Mix)

    Friday is just a few hours away so let’s get in the right mood for the weekend with this house gem courtesy Rahu and Cybil. I love the classic house vibe, don’t you?  

  • Max Styler – ‘Heroes’ (feat. Nevve)

    When the vibe is so good you can’t stop smiling and you don’t want the song to ever end. That’s how I feel right now as I listen to Max Styler’s latest track featuring Nevve. I think this is his best track yet. Seriously. Well done Max and let’s not forget Nevve, those vocals, as… Read more »

  • Wayfarer// – ‘Love Again’ (feat. Shoffy & Charlie Threads)

    Wayfarer// AND Shoffy on one track? Once I saw that I knew how great this song was going to be. Stream ‘Love Again’ below and listen out for Charlie Threads wicked flow. This track is the final single from The Melbourne producer’s debut EP ‘Garden State’ which he dropped recently. LINK UP!!! Wayfarer// on Facebook and Twitter Shoffy… Read more »

  • All The Rest – ‘First Class Lover’

    All The Rest’s ‘First Class Lover’ is pushing all the right buttons right now. I’m snapping my fingers, tapping my feet and singing along and that is putting me in such a terrific mood. Check out the track below LINK UP!!! All The Rest on Facebook and Twitter  

  • Alex Francis – ‘All I’ve Got’

    Singer/songwriter Alex Francis recently released his new single ‘All I’ve Got’ from his forthcoming EP out December 1. In an interview with Clash, he says, “‘All I’ve Got’ is quite a confessional song of mine. I’m being pretty honest about the fact that the way I live my life in a material sense isn’t how… Read more »

  • ELEON – ‘If It Ain’t Me’ (Produced By Kubla Kahn)

    It’s a little past midnight where I am and ELEON’s ‘If It Ain’t Me’ is setting the mood perfectly with this R&B gem. The track produced by Kubla Kahn is sexy and ELEON’s style reminds me a lot of Maxwell mixed with a little D’Angelo. Hear it for yourself I’m putting ELEON on my ones… Read more »