Oscar Del Amor – ‘Fall’ (feat. Jaki Nelson)

LA-based electronic music producer and audio engineer,Oscar Del Amor is excited to announce the release of his latest single “Fall” featuring vocalist Jaki Nelson. ‘Fall’ is the second release from Oscar Del Amor and Jaki Nelson. The song features warm synths accented by her hauntingly gorgeous, deep, and raw lyrics. Hear it below LINK UP!!! Oscar Del… Read more »

Igloo – ‘Sun Is Shining’ (Feat. Nina Jade)

I have another debut track for you guys today. Igloo, a UK producer recently dropped his track ‘Sun Is Shining’, a cover of a classic Bob Marley tune. I love Bob’s music, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t and with any classic song I’m always cautious to listen to covers because sometimes… Read more »

Ryan Riback – One Last Time (Lyric Video)

I love this song so much. I first heard it last month and have listened to it almost every day since so when I saw that Ryan dropped the lyric video I knew I had to share it right away. So here it is The video was directed by videographer and musician Nick Dean. Commenting… Read more »

Shan Vincent de Paul – ‘Gloria’

Shan Vincent De Paul’s music made such an impression on me when I first heard it last year. His flow and the lyrics were unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Now he returns with new music and I would admit it didn’t blow me away like his releases last year did but it’s still good. On… Read more »

Madeleine Rosenthal – ‘No One’s Gonna Save You’

Meet Madeleine Rosenthal. An LA-based singer/songwriter. ‘No One’s Gonna Save You’ is her debut single and it’s cutting ties with someone who is holding you back Hear it below When a debut is this good I can only expect great things from the artist in the future. LINK UP!!! Madeleine Rosenthal on Facebook  

Chaisley Lussier – ‘Fast Love’

Yes Chaisley Lussier!! She is giving me that 80s pop/R&B vibe on this track and I can’t get enough of it. Commenting on the song, Chaisley says ‘Fast Love’ is about “love gone awry, playing in that moment of clarity when you realize that your desire and your affection are all one-sided and you’re the… Read more »

Edan – ‘Life After Dilla’

Edan gives us that old school vibe as he pays tribute to his wife and newborn baby on ‘Life After Dilla’. He samples that classic J Dilla track ‘Life’ and adds a few extra elements and tying in those lyrics, Edan has an incredible tune here. “The song is about finding a true love and… Read more »

Jake Cooper – ‘Tomorrow’ (feat. Chris Burke)

The beauty that awaits you will put a smile on your face. LINK UP!!! Jake Cooper on Facebook and Twitter Chris Burke on Facebook 

MOONZz x SACHI – ‘Home’

It was back in April this year MOONZz shared the ethereal electro-pop ‘Navigator‘ and today she shares the same tune but it’s a whole different vibe and I am loving it. She works with New Zealand’s finest up and comers, SACHI to give us a track that just drips Summer. Hear it below LINK UP!!!… Read more »

Anjulie – ‘Dream Again’

I didn’t think I could love Anjulie’s voice anymore than I already did until I listened to ‘Dream Again’. Speaking about the track, Anjulie says, “Last summer I started a conversation with my Iraqi fans on Facebook about what it’s like to live somewhere where you and your family are in constant danger. The comments I… Read more »

  • Sigrid – ‘Plot Twist’

    The success Sigrid has achieved since dropping ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ is not surprising at least to me. The girl is a star and I’m glad to have been here from the beginning and I’m excited to see what the future holds for her. A few days ago Sigrid dropped the official video for ‘Plot… Read more »

  • VXL – ‘Burgundy’

    French artist, VXL, returns with ‘Burgundy’. A glitchy, 90’s inspired tune that really tells his story as an artist. We’ve absolutely loving this so be sure to swing by his Soundcloud for more!

  • Goldwash – ‘Why Hide It’

    ‘Why Hide It’ is Goldwash’s most recent release and it’s incredible. Melancholy and blissful all at once, this tune is truly a masterpiece. Just straight vibes to put simply. I’m definitely going to add this to my playlist for heavy rotation. LINK UP!!! Goldwash on Facebook and Twitter

  • Future Prospect – ‘B.A.M’

    I recently started getting a few good jazz tunes and I’m very happy about that. It brings a little variety to the blog because for the most part, the songs featured on MIML are heavily electro influenced but that’s not the only type of music I listen to. I love jazz and if you’re not… Read more »

  • Rolmex – ‘Walk With Me’ Ft. Sofia Sanc & Yruama

    Three artists put this track together. Rolmex, Sofia Sanc & Yruama. Each contributing their own style and this combination has created a stunning track. Hear it below The track is part of WINTER WINDS vol. 4, SVNSET WAVES’ annual winter release. It features artists from around the globe. LINK UP!!! Rolmex on Facebook Sofia Sanc… Read more »

  • Night Argent – ‘Mannequin’ [Official Music Video]

    I get so excited when I hear such good music especially from artists/bands that I’ve never heard before. Night Argent is a Washington alternative pop rock outfit who have such a fantastic sound. Their track ‘Mannequin’ is off their sophomore EP, ‘The Fear’ Frontman Chase Manhattan had a lot to say about the track so… Read more »

  • LPX – ‘Tremble’

    When I first heard LPX’s ‘Tremble’ I loved it right away. When you hear LPX (Lizzy Plapinger) sing you hear the grit and power but to watch her deliver that energy is something else. Check it out below LINK UP!!! LPX on Facebook  and Twitter  

  • Umziky – ‘Bass Music’

    This is unlike anything I’ve ever heard and I love it. It’s a really nice blend of electronic and rock and it sounds ahmazing. The video alone will catch your attention because watching Umziky play all the instruments and hearing how they all blend so perfectly. It’s really something else. Check it out LINK UP!!!… Read more »

  • Celestial Voyagers – ‘Heroes’

    I am so ready to see Celestial Voyager live. Their music is fantastic. Instrumental rock at its finest and it’s safe to say they are in my top five favourite bands for 2017. Listen to their latest track ‘Heroes’ below LINK UP!!! Celestial Voyager on Facebook  

  • Tipling Rock – ‘Staring’

    Tipling Rock’s ‘Staring’ is one song I can’t get out of my head and I am not complaining. Hear it below LINK UP!!! Tipling Rock on Facebook and Twitter