Kyle Lionhart – ‘Sweet Girl’ (Official Video)

What a voice! What a song! Kyle Lionhart is a neo-folk/folk/soul artist from the east coast surfing town of Byron Bay who has earned himself a new fan. LINK UP!!! Kyle Lionhart on Facebook

The Free – ‘Traveling Man’

The Free always with the dope vibes. He blew me away with his tune ‘The Vibe of A Mango’  and today I’m enjoying his latest track ‘Traveling Man’. A song that touches the leanings obtained by soaking in the different and similar vibes released from all around the world. A testimony of the connection that rules… Read more »

mesonjixx – ‘On Repeat’

This will be the third track from mesonjixx featured on MIML and I must say it’s my favourite one so far. I just love the vibe of it and the title is so fitting because it’s been on repeat for the last 30 minutes. Stream it below Any She’s Gotta Have It fans out there?… Read more »

Vuto – ‘OK’

Yo! Vuto brings the heat on his latest track. ‘OK’ is pure fire! Take it in below If you’re digging it, click here for the free download. LINK UP!!! Vuto on Facebook and Twitter

weslee – ‘Boy Like You’

Weslee dropped their debut track back in April and since then the mysterious duo have continuously dropped some solid tracks. Their latest ‘Boy Like You’ is definitely my favourite so far. Stream it below Vibes right?! LINK UP!!! Weslee on Facebook and Twitter  

AnastasiaMax – ‘Dirty’

AnastasiaMax are really rocking out on their latest track ‘Dirty’.  The teen brother/sister duo have really delivered a vibrant track here. Well done! LINK UP!!! Anastasia Max on Facebook

Payton Odom – ‘At My Door’

Payton Odom’s ‘At My Door’ is speaking to my soul. With his soulful vocals Payton reflects on the push-pull of staying in and moving on from a relationship. Get ready to sink your ears into this R&B gem LINK UP!!! Payton Odom on Twitter    

Michael Mar – ‘Let You Down’ (feat. Noah)

The vibe of this track is absolutely incredible. Would you believe this is Michael Mar’s second single. It was only two months ago the LA-based artist dropped his debut track,’Don’t Talk About It (ft. Kyan Palmer)’. What he and Noah have delivered here is pure perfection. I’m definitely keeping my eyes and ears on this… Read more »

Mitchell Mirande – ‘Hold On’

Mitchell Mirande’s ‘Hold On’ really touches the soul. The song was written from an outsiders perspective, looking into the world of someone experiencing depression or any dark time in life. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Mitchell Mirande on Facebook  

BATTS – ‘Somedays’

BATTS’ ‘Somedays’ could be the title track of my life right now. It’s a beauty of a track but that’s expected with BATTS. Her vocals are always so stunning. Stream it below Somedays is the lead single of BATTS’ debut EP ’62 Moons’ names after the moons of Saturn.   LINK UP!!!  BATTS on Facebook and Twitter

  • Radical Something – 'Paradise In You' (Young Bombs Remix)

    Vancouver-based Young Bombs has transformed a bubbly pop song into a tropical masterpiece. I will admit, when I heard the original, it was not something I would listen to so I was very hesitant to listen to the remix but I’m glad I did because I wasn’t disappointed. It really is great. On the song,… Read more »

  • Starling – 'Wild Heart'

    Starling’s ‘Wild Heart’ highlights her versatility. When you listen to her first single, ‘Misfit‘, you’ll understand what I mean. Pulsing synths and percussion drive the single, but lyrically, ‘Wild Heart’ still tackles the issues that were at the fore of her debut. It’s a really good song and I am looking forward to that album…. Read more »

  • The Xtraordinairs – 'No Pressure Ft. Reggie B'

    Production duo, The Xtraordinairs and Reggie B are giving us that classic soul vibe on ‘No Pressure’. Every part of this song is fantastic. Reggie’s B vocals are on point but listen carefully to the production, you hear so many different elements, birds chirping, a drum here or there, I swear I hear children laughing… Read more »

  • Philco Fiction – 'TALK/BRAG'

    Oslo-based duo Philco Fiction has released, ‘TALK/BRAG’ the title track from their forthcoming sophomore LP, out early next year via Killing Moon Records. The track is that classic synth pop, with Turid Alida’s vocals blending perfectly with the production. Speaking of the track, Alida shared: “’I’m a lover, lover, lover. I’m a force. I’m a… Read more »

  • REVIEW: Mieke

    Mieke’s self titled EP is the first project I’ve reviewed for the year, I’ve tried to do several others but my full time job and life just got in the way and I lost the inspiration to listen and review an entire body of work until I received an email from Mieke. “When I wrote… Read more »

  • Tabanca – 'Lagoon'

    I love this artist for two reasons. One, she is a fellow Trinidadian who is based in London.  Two, she can SING and you hear it on ‘Lagoon’. It’s a song that stays with you even after you’ve finished listening and trust me that is not a bad thing. Interesting tidbit, her name, Tabanca, is… Read more »

  • Day Fly – 'Magnet'

    I am loving the flow on this one from Day Fly. According to their Facebook page, Day Fly is the music Brainchild of Dutch producer K The Fresh and English singer and songwriter Beau Nox. They explain that a Dayfly is “an outlier, a soul that floats on the cusp of social norm. Unbound by… Read more »

  • Great Good Fine Ok – 'Take It Or Leave It'

    I got on this song way too late, it’s been blazing on the web for sometime and hopefully this late post can reach people who have not heard this amazing tune yet. Brooklyn-based duo Great Good Fine Ok, comprised of singer/songwriter Jon Sandler and multi-instrumentalist/producer Luke Moellman latest, ‘Take It or Leave It’ has an an 80s… Read more »

  • Vice Feat. Estelle – 'Bright Lights'

    LA producer Vice and acclaimed British singer, Estelle give us ‘Bright Lights’ and have made an extraordinary cut of funky house. They’ve definitely pulled out all the stops on this tune. It’s one that will surely get you on that dance floor. The bass alone will take over your body and Estelle’s vocals effortlessly blend with Vice’s… Read more »

  • 'GFY' (Anevo Remix)

    Swedish producer Anevo adds his remix of Selena Gomez’ ‘Good For You’ to the many that have been released but excluding the official remixes, I think this one stands out the most. He speeds up the original tune, adding guitar elements making this a remix with a damn good vibe. Check it out below and… Read more »