iamalex – ‘When It Got Cold’

Another New Music Friday is here! Let me start things off with iamalex’s ‘When It Got Cold’. A chill hop tune that has such a marvelous vibe. My ears say yes, what do yours say? LINK UP!!! iamalex on Facebook

Messed Up Masterpiece – ‘Facing West’

With all the negativity in the world, it’s music like this that would really help people just get through life. Facing West is a sister duo (Caitlin and Sidney Powell) and they definitely have my attention. Well done girls. LINK UP!!! Facing West on Facebook and Twitter  

Opvs – ‘Desensitize’ (feat. Ayelle)

Man it’s been more than a year since I featured Opvs’ music. I’m glad they’re back and with such a wicked track. It features the superb vocals of Ayelle, another artist I’ve featured in the past. Listen to ‘Desensitize’ below Click here to grab the free download. LINK UP!!! Opvs on Facebook  and Twitter Ayelle on Facebook and Twitter

Joshua Worden – ‘Bivens Arm’

Meet Atlanta R&B/Trip Hop artist Joshua Worden. An artist whose musical style is so refreshing to my ears I just had to share. Good right? <3 LINK UP!!! Joshua Worden on Twitter

EDX – ‘We Can’t Give Up’ (Borlini Remix)

Now this is a remix! Borlini turns this track Into this A definite club banger. He did this remix as part of an EDX remix contest. I hope he wins! LINK UP!!! Borlini on Twitter

FEATURETTE – ‘Upside Down’

FEATURETTE have returned with a new track! ‘Upside Down’ addresses a major issue affecting the U.S. right now, their President. “Upside Down’ is an ode to the decline of our modern world and our values, which for us was punctuated by the US Presidential election, and the fallout thereafter. Everything is so backward lately, we… Read more »

Pomona Dream – ‘Easy Raider’

Work is over, you’re either on your way home or have already dropped everything on the floor and are laying bed just exhausted because of the day you’ve had. Let me give you something that would help you relax and put you in a great mood. Pomona Dream’s new track ‘Easy Raider’. A jazzy indie-pop… Read more »

Fabian Secon x Young T & Bugsey – ‘Haze’

Emerging UK artist/producer Fabian Secon has teamed up with fellow UK stars Young T & Bugsey (Stormzy, Belly Squad, Da Beatfreakz) for new track ‘Haze’. I’ve been featuring Fabian’s music for more than a year now and I must say with every new track, he just keeps getting better and better. ‘Haze’ is smooth af… Read more »

VTCN Radio – ‘Mydriase’ LP

VTCN Radio’s latest LP, ‘Mydriase’, is truly a hit. Although this is only their debut album, French duo comprised of musicians Nathan Bokobza and Louis Martinez, have already solidified themselves as genre geniuses. The collection of music is laden with original, unique soundscapes that invoke an eerie and introspective atmosphere. Taking queues from downtempo dubstep… Read more »

Sigrid – ‘Strangers’

In the past nine months, Sigrid has gone from unknown to one of the most exceptional breakout artists of 2017. She recently shared her newest track ‘Strangers’. An addictive pop gem. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Sigrid on Facebook and Twitter  

  • Astre – ‘Shades’ ft. Kevin Blu (Madnap & Metsä Remix)

    Have you been following Madnap’s music? If you’re not, you should. The man is talented af, just listen to this remix of Astre’s ‘Shades’ he has done with Seattle producer and Paper Crane affiliate Metsä. Madnap and Metsä have really made this their own with vibrant, sultry synths and eclectic soft percussion. It’s a remix you should… Read more »

  • Ayelle – ‘Silverplates’ (prod. Crayon)

    The last time I shared Ayelle’s music I encouraged listeners to really pay attention to the lyrics and today I’m doing that again for her latest single, ‘Silverplates’. On the Crayon produced track, Ayelle tackles entitlement. She sings: So you say you wanna touch me But you don’t know how to touch me You can’t find… Read more »

  • Tom Walker – ‘Leave a Light On’ (AlunaGeorge Remix) (Audio)

    This is my first time listening to Tom Walker’s music and I am blown away. The man is super talented and ‘Leave a Light On’ is a stunning song. I’m honestly surprised to see it get a remix but I’m not complaining. It’s AlunaGeorge after all. Check it out below LINK UP!!! AlunaGeorge on Facebook and Twitter Tom… Read more »

  • DENM – ‘The Christmas Song’

    It’s that special time of year! I am not one of those grinches who refuse to listen to Christmas music. I love it so much and today I have for you a unique twist on a holiday classic. DENM has definitely put a smile on my face with this. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard… Read more »

  • Alyx Ander – ‘Wake Up For The Night’ feat. Caroline Pennell (Official Video)

    I shared Alyx Ander’s ‘Wake Up for the Night’ back in July and today I share with you the song’s official video. I listen to this almost every day, it’s definitely one of my favourites for 2017 and now I can add the video to my list of favourites. It think it has perfectly captured… Read more »

  • Mesonjixx – ‘Motion’

    Mesonjixx has a voice that deserves your attention. She brings that special kind of jazz that is simply irresistible. Hear her first single off her debut EP ‘In The Middle’ below. Good right?! Gosh I could listen to her sing all day. LINK UP!!! Mesonjixx on Twitter  

  • Gianni Blu – ‘Right Amount of Wrong’

    Gianni Blu returns to MIML with his latest track ‘Right Amount of Wrong’. It’s a electrifying tune that is ideal for peak hour club play. I love the feeling I get listening to this, the vibe is so infectious. <3 LINK UP!!! Gianni Blu on Facebook and Twitter

  • ISA – ‘I.S.A’

    It took me 15 seconds to fall in love with this track and then when the chorus came I was like On ‘I.S.A’, Isa sings about “self-confidence and finding the courage to do your own thing regardless of what other people may think or say.” That’s the kind of motivation people need these days so click… Read more »

  • Anastasia Max – ‘All Went Black’ (Official Video)

    I just love featuring talented young people. Meet Anastasia Max, a teen brother/sister duo, who last month dropped the video for ‘All Went Black’. Check it out. Those vocals you hear belong to 14-year-old Anastasia. To be so young and to deliver lyrics with such power and emotion is pore-raising and with her 18-year-old brother… Read more »

  • NOBL – ‘Lacuna’

    NOBL’s ‘Lacuna’ is a damn good time. It’s a track labeled as Trap Soul. I have never heard anything like it, and that’s why I love it so much. It’s refreshing and quite intriguing. The track starts off slow and smooth, then the mood changes at the 1.12 mark and you get to hear those… Read more »