KHAJE – ‘Buy You A Drank’ (Flip)

T Pain’s ‘Buy You A Drank’ is one of my favourite tracks, I still play it almost every day so when I saw KHAJE did a flip of it, I was very curious to hear what he did and from the moment I clicked play, I was impressed. It’s wavy, it’s chill, it’s good. ‘Buy… Read more »

OTHER – ‘Safety’ (feat. Brandon Banks)

This is a definite eargasm. This song came out about five months ago and it’s not surprising that people are still listening to it. OTHER and Brandon Banks have made magic here. LINK UP!!! OTHER on Twitter

Anjulie – ‘Baghdad’

Canadian-born, Indo-Guyanese singer/songwriter Anjulie recently dropped ‘Baghdad’. It’s a song that was inspired after 2016’s Karrada suicide bombing in Baghdad that killed over 300 people and injured hundreds more. The lyrics are powerful and the song is beautiful. Take it in below LINK UP!!! Anjulie on Facebook and Twitter  

Mark Elliott – ‘Summer Storm’

Mark Elliot has shared another stellar tune. ‘Summer Storm’ is a catchy mix of electronic and pop. It’s also a song that Mark wrote the day after moving out of his ex-girlfriend’s flat. “I was in B&Q, a hardware store for my American fans, picking out paint for my new room and felt overwhelmingly inspired… Read more »

Callum Pitt – ‘Rabbits’

Taking influences from The War On Drugs, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, indie-folk newcomer Callum Pitt combines finger-picked folk riffs with a stunning falsetto voice and it sounds amazing. As one girl commented on Soundcloud: “you’ve got something special, Callum” I will have to agree and I am definitely sticking around to hear what he… Read more »

Daniel Simmons – ‘Guard’

Meet Daniel Simmons. An LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer who just dropped his new song ‘Guard’. I love this vibe.

Delacey – ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’

Equal parts electronic vocalist standout and songwriter extraordinaire, Delacey’s fingerprints can be found everywhere from The Chainsmokers’ ‘New York City’ to Madison Beer’s ‘Dead’ alongside features on Markus Schulz’s ‘Destiny’ and Wingtip’s ‘Walls’. A few days ago, she dropped her debut solo single. ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ is exceptional. It only took me a few seconds… Read more »

DENM – ‘Bless Your Heart’

If you haven’t listened to DENM’s music yet, you’ve been missing out. So let me help you. Nothing but good vibes! LINK UP!!! DENM on Facebook and Twitter  

Latchmere – ‘Need Your Heart’

The last time I featured Latchmere was in May last year, today I share with you his new song, ‘Need Your Heart’. It has an amazing vibe and it’s a great way to wind down after a hard day’s work. LINK UP!!! Latchmere on Twitter

Sure Sure – ‘Hands Up Head Down’

Sure Sure has dropped a new tune today and it is fantastic! In an interview with KRCW the band said, “We really needed a song with its own dance move. Here’s how it goes: you put your hands up, keep your head down, and then bob to the beat like a zombie. You’ll see it… Read more »

  • Roxanne Jones – ‘Living A Lie’

    I love when I get an email filled with good music. It’s like Christmas. Listen to this amazing song first and I’ll tell you about the artist after. Born and raised in Toxteth, Roxanne’s ‘Living A Lie’ is a story of despair and deceit entwined in a melody so sorrowful, to the beat of a… Read more »

  • Maryann Vasquez’s ‘Due’ is "lyrically breathtaking"

    Maryann is a relatively new artist but if you listen to her debut EP, you would think she has been in the game for years. According to her bio on her official website, Maryann Vasquez is an American singer-songwriter from Providence, RI. Born to Dominican parents Vasquez was brought up with an array of musical… Read more »

  • Dorean Lives breathes life into alternative music with ‘A Cold Fire From The One I Loved’

    I have listened to this album for some time now not just because I wanted to review it, but because I enjoyed it so much. It has been a few years since I’ve listened to an entire rock/alternative album. I just have not been impressed with the genre recently, everything now comes with a trap… Read more »

  • Stwo – ‘Quiet Life’

    A piece of music that needs no words, a song with a chill beat that takes you to a music lover’s paradise. It’s that good. This piece was created by STWO (pronounced “Stew”). According to his official Facebook page, he is a 20-year-old producer from Paris, France. With only five months of producing under his… Read more »

  • Adele: Tiny Desk Concert

    It’s a quiet, cool Sunday and I just felt like listening to Adele, one of my favourite artists. Now, I am a HUGE fan of this girl. I have every album and live performance she has done but I never knew about this one until today. This one was a performance at NPR’s Tiny Desk… Read more »

  • NEW VIDEO: Vybz Kartel – ‘School’

    The official video for Jamaica’s Vybz Kartel’s ‘School’ has been released. If you have not heard the song, Vybz, who is currently in prison, awaiting a murder trial, sends a message to the youth, telling them to study hard, dress well and be better people. Pull up your pants, and tuck in your shirt Don’t… Read more »

  • Chronixx at 1Xtra Live 2013

    I’m so proud of this youth right here. Came out more than a year ago and he’s travelling the world, spreading his music and his message of love and acceptance. Chronixx recently completed a small tour in the UK and from his performance at 1Xtra live recently, you can see he has many fans over… Read more »

  • Shakka – Just Want To See You

    Just heard this dude for the first time and I have this song on repeat. He has such a unique vocal style, it is so captivating. According to Wikipedia, Shakka is a singer-songwriter and producer from Notting Hill, whose music has been influenced by Indie, Dub Reggae, Hip-Hop, Motown and Garage. His musical inspirations include… Read more »

  • Thirty Seconds To Mars – ‘Stay’ (Rihanna) in the Live Lounge

    I’m late on this but all I can say is wow. Do you know this song? Well Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds to Mars did a cover of it for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge a few weeks ago and his voice is something else. The grittiness, the edginess of his voice put a new… Read more »

  • Sam Smith – Nirvana (Acoustic)

    I love when Sam does an acoustic versions to his songs. He has such an amazing voice. Sam is a 21-year-old British singer/songwriter who recently released his four track EP, ‘Nirvana’ To celebrate its release, he shared this video with his fans.   Beautiful isn’t it? What do you think? If you like what you… Read more »