Mahalia – ‘Hold On’ feat. Buddy

Mahalia is one of those artists who impressed me with her talent before I got to the one minute mark on her track. She gives music lovers a nice blend of R&B and Pop on ‘Hold On’ but the way she does it, it sounds so unique, so refreshing and I am loving it! Hear it… Read more »

Kuroshi – ‘Back 2 You’

Kuroshi is here to set your mood right for the weekend ahead with his newest track ‘Back 2 You’. This goes hard! Well done Kuroshi! LINK UP!!! Kuroshi on Facebook and Twitter  

Coucheron – ‘UFO’

Grammy nominated Coucheron dropped his new track ‘UFO’  today featuring fellow Norwegian, ARY and it is catchy af. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Coucheron on Facebook and Twitter  

Ford Miskin – ‘Do It Better’ (feat. Theophilus London & Samsaruh)

Ford Miskin is becoming a force to reckon with. I’ve been featuring his music for more than a year now and in that time, he just keeps getting better and better. His newest track ‘Do It Better’ features fellow Trini Theophilus London (whoop!) who lays down a a characteristically well-flowed verse and Ford collaborates with Samsaruh again…. Read more »

VXL – ‘Colorimetry’

VXL is back with their new EP, “Colorimetry”. It’s vibrant, colorful and fun. Simply good music. Head over to their SoundCloud to listen to the rest of their catalog.

Bronski Beat – ‘Smalltown Bo’y (Arnaud Rebotini Remix)

It’s not often you find gems like this. Arnaud Rebortini’s refix of “Smalltown Boy” is a jam. Perfect for the dance floor or anywhere else, we’re simply in love with this vibe.

MRYGLD – ‘Disco Soul’ (Official Video)

Now this is a good time! ‘Disco Soul’ is the latest single from Birmingham, AL indie rockers MRYGLD. The music is so infectious that I found myself snapping my fingers and tapping my feet to the beat while humming the melody. The video was a lot of fun to watch as well, now I want… Read more »

Titus Makin – ‘Ropes’

Titus Makin is out here putting smiles on peoples faces with his music. He might seem familiar to many, as he has starred in several shows including Glee, Star-Crossed, Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy among others but now he is making his name as a very talented pop artist. His track ‘Ropes’ is fantastic and… Read more »

Cordelia & The Buffalo – ‘Tribe’ (Official Video)

Let’s get your Thursday started right with Cordelia & The Buffalo’s ‘Tribe’ in your ear. Cordelia & The Buffalo is a Mexican/American songwriter and producer. The Texan native draws her inspiration from Mexican Indian tribes and other ethnic groups across the globe and you can see that inspiration in the video. She has an amazing voice… Read more »

The New Coast – ‘Home’

The feels are in full effect with The New Coast’s  latest tune ‘Home’. The duo state that the song, “represents being captivated by someone, even when you don’t want to be. We wanted to soundtrack the moment someone has a hold over you, and the feeling of getting lost and swimming around in the deep… Read more »

  • CAPPA – ‘No Scrubs’ (feat. Jon Santana)

    ‘No Scrubs’ is one of my favourite TLC songs so I was curious to hear CAPPA’s version and let me tell you, it is so good. Listen for yourself Big up Jon Santana for the smooth production and CAPPA for doing such a perfect rework. LINK UP!!! CAPPA on Facebook John Santana on Facebook  

  • bloodpop x DJ Dahi x Little Simz – ‘N.M.B.D.’

    After one listen, I am hooked on this collaboration. ‘N.M.B.D, (No More Blood Diamonds)’ is the first track from a collaboration between bloodpop and DJ Dahi, titled DiamondDahi. The song features rising British rapper Little Simz and let me tell you, Little Simz is the bomb! Her flow tied in with DiamondDahi’s trippy beats, is the reason I can’t stop listening. Having… Read more »

  • Vanessa Elisha – ‘Out of Time’ (prodby. XXYYXX)

    I’ve been a huge fan of Vanessa Elisha since last year when I first heard, ‘Midnight Swim’ and each time she drops a new song, I just become an even bigger fan. On ‘Out of Time’, the Australian songstress, shows off her vocal range as she hits every note with precision, never disappointing and this… Read more »

  • Violet Days – ‘Screaming Colors’

    Stockholm-based alternative pop band Violet Days, has created a stirring anthem. Singer Lina Hansson says the song is about “the feeling when you realize that you gotta break out of that darkness inside of your head and actually open up your eyes and look around you.” This is the band’s third single and they are… Read more »

  • Cloves – ‘Everybody’s Son’

    Nineteen-year-old Cloves has delivered increasingly impressive tracks including her latest single, ‘Everybody’s Son’. I’ve fallen in love with the Australian artist’s voice ever since I heard her first single, ‘Frail Love‘, which was followed by ‘Don’t You Wait‘. All of these songs will be on her upcoming EP, ‘XIII’ out on November 23. From the… Read more »

  • Morten – ‘Hello’ (Remix)

    Tomorrow is Monday, you’re going need something to get you in the mood for the work week ahead and Morten’s remix of ‘Hello’ is the best way to do that. Morten gives ‘Hello’ a shot of adrenaline and what he has created will make you wipe your tears away, forget the ex you’ve been thinking… Read more »

  • Klyne – ‘Closer’ (Official Video)

    I love the vibe of Klyne’s ‘Closer’ and the theme of the video, “When life gets you down, sometimes you just have to dance it out“. Words to live by. The video is directed by Jon Olav Stokke. The choreography realised by Stefan Puxon illustrates the tragedy befalling a clown as he loses his most prized… Read more »

  • Vaudeville Smash – ‘Richter Scale’

    In support of the single ‘Richter Scale’, Vaudeville Smash has dropped their new video which was shot in Tokyo! They had 3 days in Japan to shoot 12 very hectic locations.Among countless misadventures the band literally got extorted by Yukuza, who almost confiscated their footage, sabotaged by bat shit crazy bipolar call girls and locked… Read more »

  • Wafia – ‘Heartburn’

    ‘Heartburn’, the debut single from Brisbane-based singer, songwriter and producer Wafia, is out and it is brilliant! ‘Heartburn’ was co-produced by mentor and labelmate Ta-ku and they’ve definitely pulled out all the stops with this one. The track is taken from Wafia’s XXIX EP, set for release November 20 on Future Classic. The EP, named… Read more »

  • Chelsea Lankes – ‘Home’

    Los Angeles singer/songwriter Chelsea Lankes is rounding a successful year with her new track, ‘Home’ ‘Home’ is the latest unshakeable pop gem from Chelsea, whose not-so-shy alto floats effortlessly over a bed of twinkling electronics, as she admits “I’ve been told that I’m restless, I’ve been hurting like hell.” The tune’s frank message blooms on the pre-chorus when… Read more »