The Free – ‘Traveling Man’

The Free always with the dope vibes. He blew me away with his tune ‘The Vibe of A Mango’  and today I’m enjoying his latest track ‘Traveling Man’. A song that touches the leanings obtained by soaking in the different and similar vibes released from all around the world. A testimony of the connection that rules… Read more »

mesonjixx – ‘On Repeat’

This will be the third track from mesonjixx featured on MIML and I must say it’s my favourite one so far. I just love the vibe of it and the title is so fitting because it’s been on repeat for the last 30 minutes. Stream it below Any She’s Gotta Have It fans out there?… Read more »

Vuto – ‘OK’

Yo! Vuto brings the heat on his latest track. ‘OK’ is pure fire! Take it in below If you’re digging it, click here for the free download. LINK UP!!! Vuto on Facebook and Twitter

weslee – ‘Boy Like You’

Weslee dropped their debut track back in April and since then the mysterious duo have continuously dropped some solid tracks. Their latest ‘Boy Like You’ is definitely my favourite so far. Stream it below Vibes right?! LINK UP!!! Weslee on Facebook and Twitter  

AnastasiaMax – ‘Dirty’

AnastasiaMax are really rocking out on their latest track ‘Dirty’.  The teen brother/sister duo have really delivered a vibrant track here. Well done! LINK UP!!! Anastasia Max on Facebook

Payton Odom – ‘At My Door’

Payton Odom’s ‘At My Door’ is speaking to my soul. With his soulful vocals Payton reflects on the push-pull of staying in and moving on from a relationship. Get ready to sink your ears into this R&B gem LINK UP!!! Payton Odom on Twitter    

Michael Mar – ‘Let You Down’ (feat. Noah)

The vibe of this track is absolutely incredible. Would you believe this is Michael Mar’s second single. It was only two months ago the LA-based artist dropped his debut track,’Don’t Talk About It (ft. Kyan Palmer)’. What he and Noah have delivered here is pure perfection. I’m definitely keeping my eyes and ears on this… Read more »

Mitchell Mirande – ‘Hold On’

Mitchell Mirande’s ‘Hold On’ really touches the soul. The song was written from an outsiders perspective, looking into the world of someone experiencing depression or any dark time in life. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Mitchell Mirande on Facebook  

BATTS – ‘Somedays’

BATTS’ ‘Somedays’ could be the title track of my life right now. It’s a beauty of a track but that’s expected with BATTS. Her vocals are always so stunning. Stream it below Somedays is the lead single of BATTS’ debut EP ’62 Moons’ names after the moons of Saturn.   LINK UP!!!  BATTS on Facebook and Twitter

Elliot Berger & Laura Brehm – ‘Believe’

Indie-folk songwriter and EDM vocalist Laura Brehm collaborated with Elliot Berger on ‘Believe’ a track they wrote and produced together in London. This is not their first collaboration as they worked on the very popular ‘Diamond Sky’ back in 2013. It’s obvious these two make magic together because this is what perfection sounds like.  … Read more »

  • Midoca – ‘Tell Me Your Lies’ (Feat. Dark Waves)

    Midoca’s ‘Tell Me Your Lies’ ft Dark Waves will grab hold of you and not let go. Midoca’s dark electronic pop vibes with Dark Waves’ superb vocals are a brilliant combination. The 23-year-old LA artist, producer, songwriter, will debut his EP this year through Chill Harris’ (f/k/a Kill Paris) Sexy Electric Collective. The debut’s intricate blend of… Read more »

  • Rain Man – Bring Back The Summer (INSTRUM Remix) [Ft. Oly]

    Get ready to start Summer early with this beautiful remix of Rain Man’s song “Bring Back The Summer” by the dude INSTRUM. With solid percussion samples and beautiful synths this track is sure to put a smile on your face. This one really makes me want to head over to O’hare airport and jump on… Read more »

  • Donna Missal – ‘Sick’

    New Donna Missal? Yes please! New Jersey native, Donna Missal, blew me away with her first single, ‘Keep Lying‘ with her powerful vocals and then on her cover of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling‘. On her second single, Donna tones down that power a bit but she still manages to leave me stunned. In an interview with… Read more »

  • Tom & Collins – Obsessed (Bordertown Remix)

    UK duo Bordertown is bringing those late night deep grooves to a dance floor near you. Their remix of Tom & Collins’ song “Obsessed” is naturally going to have people moving on the dance floor. They keep the beat bouncy and maintain the dark vibe throughout the song for an all around smooth track. This is… Read more »

  • Mahalo – ‘Midnight Delight’

    ‘Midnight Delight’ is a luscious blend of harmonizing piano chords, a deep, melody-driven bass and a provocative guitar lead that encapsulate the vibe of a late night drive through the city. Snappy percussion layers supplement a pumping kick drum to provide a driving rhythm to the track’s sultry groove. As the title suggests this track… Read more »

  • Chinah – Minds (Ark Patrol Remix)

    Tons of unique music has been coming out of the north east tip of America. Portland, Oregon has a rapidly growing music scene and artists like Ark Patrol are the reason for this. This song is filled with beautiful vocals and screeching future synths that blend for an all around pleasing sound. Cruise through your week to… Read more »

  • Chris Howland – ‘I Don’t Need You’

    Chris Howland’s ‘I Don’t Need U’ is a future bass gem. The track will charm you with its chopped vocals, playful chime melodies and bendy sub bass. On his Soundcloud, Chris says each person can interpret “I don’t need you anymore” in their own very different ways. “Perhaps there was a toxic relationship that they… Read more »

  • Tiësto & Bobby Puma – ‘Making Me Dizzy’

    Coming together on an energy infused scorcher, Tiësto and Bobby Puma join forces for ‘Making Me Dizzy’ out now via Musical Freedom Records. With high energy vocals leading the way, the track pays homage to classic house influences while maintaining a modern sound that stays true to both artist’s styles. Infused with whirling instrumentals, and spinning synths ‘Making Me Dizzy’… Read more »

  • King Deco – ‘Castaway’ (New Immunity Remix)

    I’ve already expressed how much I love King Deco’s Castaway so let’s talk about New Immunity’s remix. The producer/DJ/live musician duo (Tyler Chiartas and Garret Rhodes) maintains the sound of the original track but you hear the build up when it reaches the chorus and then when that subtle beat drops, that’s when the magic happens… Read more »

  • Disco Despair – ‘You Are Girl’ feat. Jeremey David

    I’ve got the tune to set the mood for the rest of the week. Disco Despair drops ‘You Are Girl’ and it is a masterful blend of nu-disco with Jeremy David’s smashing vocals. After a few listens, you will find yourself dancing while singing along. Disco Despair gets set to release a second EP on Youth Control… Read more »