Ailbhe Reddy – ‘The Tube’

Ailbhe Reddy returns with her brand new single ‘The Tube’. With a flawless vocal, subtle hook and clever, relatable lyrics, ‘The Tube’ is another slice of addictive folk/pop from the Irish singer songwriter. Check out the video below “The Tube is a song about having no explanation good enough for someone, so the only thing I… Read more »

Madnap & Duumu – ‘Disappear’ (ft. Bien)

Following the release of his track ‘Honey‘, Madnap dropped a new tune ‘Disappear’ featuring French producer Duumu and Chicago vocalist Bien. It’s a smooth electronic tune with a little indie pop vibe. Stream it below One person commented, “this must’ve been crafted with so much love”. I would have to agree. <3 If you’re loving it… Read more »

Rex Orange County – ‘Loving is Easy’ (feat. Benny Sings) [Official Video]

Rex Orange County has one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a while. The stop motion video is for his latest track ‘Loving is Easy’ featuring Benny Sings. Check it out below This is my first Rex Orange County tune and judging from the comments below the video he is well loved and respected… Read more »

Derrival – ‘Found Out’

Derrival have returned to delight once again with their new track ‘Found Out’. This is indie pop at its finest.   LINK UP!!! Derrival on Facebook and Twitter

Through Juniper Vale – ‘Bird Song’

Through Juniper Vale has returned with new music. The track, ‘Bird Song’ is written and composed around the idea of synchronicity through music and love. Synchroncity means “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection”. I think that concept is very intriguing and I’m fascinated that Through Juniper Vale… Read more »

Kid Froopy – ‘Drive Slow’ (Nikö Blank Remix)

New Music Friday gets off to a great start with a new remix from Nikö Blank and it’s nothing but good vibes. That groove filled bass is the icing on the cake for me. Well done Nikö! This remix was released alongside Kid Froopy debut EP via Deadbeats Records. LINK UP!!! Nikö Blank on Facebook and Twitter

Kissy – ‘Electric Dreams’

New music from Kissy has me like: ‘Electric Dreams’ is fantastic and that chorus is everything! Hear it below I think this is her best track yet. <3 LINK UP!!! Kissy on Facebook and Twitter  

Mahalia – ‘Hold On’ feat. Buddy

Mahalia is one of those artists who impressed me with her talent before I got to the one minute mark on her track. She gives music lovers a nice blend of R&B and Pop on ‘Hold On’ but the way she does it, it sounds so unique, so refreshing and I am loving it! Hear it… Read more »

Kuroshi – ‘Back 2 You’

Kuroshi is here to set your mood right for the weekend ahead with his newest track ‘Back 2 You’. This goes hard! Well done Kuroshi! LINK UP!!! Kuroshi on Facebook and Twitter  

Coucheron – ‘UFO’

Grammy nominated Coucheron dropped his new track ‘UFO’  today featuring fellow Norwegian, ARY and it is catchy af. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Coucheron on Facebook and Twitter  

  • Comet Blue – ‘Spaceship’

    Having worked with Will.I.Am, Britney Spears, Mika and Natasha Bedingfield, as well as constructing Azealia Banks hit record 212, the production half of Comet Blue is no stranger to success within popular music. For his new project he teams up with Kelly Cossee (former contestant on The Voice) to create this gem. Kelly’s vocals blend… Read more »

  • Krs. – ‘Luv Up’

    Toronto producer and Noir Sound founder Krs. has a soca refix EP coming out soon and the first track is from Kerwin Du Bois’ 2015 soca hit, ‘Love Up’. If you are not familiar with the soca genre, do so ASAP. You’ll thank me later. The original is what we call a groovy soca tune,… Read more »

  • Karina Ramage – ‘Technology’

    Karina Ramage’s message is one that is ignored every day. We depend so much on our gadgets and we spend so much time on them that when we are in social gatherings, we don’t socialise. We miss out on so many things and she encourages people to just put it down and spend time with… Read more »

  • PREMIERE: Mennska & Mas Tropical – ‘What About Us’

    Deep house duo Mennska and Mas Tropical have collaborated again to create a really beautiful song wrapped up in that perfect tropical house vibe. ‘What About Us’ seems to have been inspired by British singer, Mark Knopfler’s tune, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. In the description of the song, they question, “What if Romeo and Juliet in… Read more »

  • Philco Fiction – ‘Talk/Brag’ (Draper Remix)

    ​Oslo-based duo Philco Fiction rounds out 2015 with their Heartbreak 8 remix package featuring four re-imaginations of their two latest singles ‘June 17’ and ‘Talk/Brag’. UK producer and Låpsley collaborator Draper has remixed Talk/Brag and it is sublime. He gives it a shot of adrenaline adding melodic glitches and a sexy bassline, turning it into… Read more »

  • Foxtails Brigade – ‘I’m Not Really In The Christmas Mood’ Solo Version

    Who would think a song about not being in the Christmas mood would sound so good. San Francisco-based indie-pop group Foxtails Brigade have released their final song for 2015 and although it’s a song about not being in the Christmas mood, it sort of puts me in the mood more than I was before, strangely… Read more »

  • LZRS TXN – ‘Let It Go’ (Official Video)

    Lazarus Taxon’s (LZRS TXN) beautiful concoction of Hip Hop and Chillwave now has a video. The ‘Let It Go’ video, I will admit is a whole lot of randomness, there is a lot of kissing, fighting and drunken behaviour but somehow it works. Watch it below LINK UP!!! LZRS TXN on Facebook LZRS TXN on… Read more »

  • Litany – ‘Work This Out’

    Litany are 21-year-old duo Beth Cornell and Jake Nicolaides, both based in Harrogate, England who have released an alternative-pop response to the jealous partners of this world. Beth’s voice dances over the delicate synthwork, as she encourages her partner to go through her phone as they “gotta work this thing out”  It only took me… Read more »

  • EXGF – ‘We Are The Hearts’

    “We are the lost generation. But are we the ones who are truly lost? The dreamers, the free-thinkers, the creators. Our hearts bleed but never die.” I jumped on this one from LA/Paris collective, EXGF, late but it’s still such a banger. They have released a lot of solid music this year so I’m so… Read more »

  • Judith Hill – ‘Cry, Cry, Cry’

    In celebration of the first tour dates with her brand new band, “Judith Hill and FAM,” Judith released the debut video from her album ‘Back In Time’. Judith is bringing that old school soul and jazz vibe with a modern twist on, ‘Cry, Cry, Cry’ and it’s sublime. Take it in below LINK UP!!! Judith… Read more »