What So Not – ‘Be Ok Again’ (feat. Daniel Johns)

Two weeks ago What So Not shared ‘Be Ok Again’ feat Daniel Johns. The song is a deeply personal song and it features What So Not writing and performing vocals for the first time. Stream it below “Immediate paralysing sadness, optimism, nervousness and excitement. This song explores how we redefine and rebuild our reality upon… Read more »

Lafa Taylor & Aabo – ‘Falling’ (feat. Goapele) [VINDATA remix]

I’m loving this insane new remix from Vindata of Lafa Taylor & Aabo’s latest track, “Falling” featuring vocals from Goapele. The LA based electronic duo Vindata, comprised of Branden Ratcliff and Jared Poythress, have blown up in recent months with their explosive style. The track features entrancing percussion and vibing sythns that promise to put… Read more »

Jon Vinyl – ‘Life’

I can tell you the exact moment when I fell in love with Jon Vinyl’s ‘Life’. It happened just at the 23 second mark, when Jon comes in with his silky smooth vocals. On the song the 19-year-old artist sheds light on the experience of having to remain diligent in such a fast-paced city. Stream it… Read more »

Sub-Radio – ‘Holiday Hangover’ EP

If you love Christmas as much as I do then you’re gonna love Sub-Radio’s new EP. ‘Holiday Hangover’ features an original track of the same name and covers of Ariana Grande’s ‘Santa Tell Me’ and Fall Out Boy’s ‘Yule Shoot Your Eye Out’. You get to enjoy the sextet’s signature pop  rock sound that will put a smile… Read more »

Shan Vincent de Paul – ‘Bitch Go’ (Official Video)

Shan Vincent de Paul’s ‘Bitch Go’ will be my anthem for 2018. I just need to tell all the negative people and everything I want to leave in 2017 to just go. This is a bit different to his other tracks that I’ve featured but I really like it and the video too, which he… Read more »

Nsolo – ‘Faith’

If you’re a fan of Maxwell and Gallant, then you’re going to love Nsolo. He delivers that kind of R&B that makes me just want to close my eyes and really feel the music and take in every element. It’s stunning to be honest. Nsolo says the song based in the idea of attempting to speak… Read more »

Zita – ‘The Rains of Castamere’ (Game of Thrones)

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan like me, you’re going to love Zita’s take on ‘The Rains of Castamere’. She said she found the track to be a sad one and wanted to give it a brighter touch. Stream it below Click here to grab the free download. LINK UP!!! Zita on Facebook    

Savannah Ré – ‘Impressed’

One line you hear a lot in Savannah Ré’s ‘Impressed’ is “I’m so impressed by you” and I think it perfectly captures how I feel about her music.  After just hearing the first 30 seconds of this, I have firmly placed the Toronto R&B artist on my ones to watch list. Hear the track below Speaking about… Read more »

Florian Picasso – ‘Obsession’

Yes!!! This tune goes hard! Florian does it again. ‘Obsession’ marks his second release on powerhouse imprint Musical Freedom. LINK UP!!! Florian Picasso on Facebook and Twitter

Michael McQuaid – ‘Wild Love’ ft. Milly Roze

Am I the only one who eagerly awaits New Music Friday? I mean when you get gems like this: How could you not get excited?! S/O Michael McQuaid and Milly Roze for this track. It is pure perfection. LINK UP!!! Michael McQuaid on Facebook and Twitter

  • Annabel Jones – ‘IOU’ [Music Video]

    Annabel Jones’ video for her hit single, ‘IOU’ is a cat filled, milk swimming, sexy men posing two and a half minute long entertaining gem. The video dropped on Tuesday and is picking up some serious views over on YouTube and its no surprise really, this song came out in February and it is still… Read more »

  • TH’FIKA – ‘Stranger’

    Sometimes a song just stirs your soul, TH’FIKA’s ‘Stranger’ is that song for me. ‘Stranger’ is the Gold coast band’s debut single. The track  is a creative response of disappointment and anger to a one sided relationship. According to the band’s Soundcloud, the song was never meant to be for the band but an emotional vent to gain… Read more »

  • Shan Vincent de Paul – ‘Church’

    I will never get tired of writing about Shan Vincent de Paul, how can I? When every tune he drops is a masterpiece and I am not exaggerating. Listen to what he has given music lovers in the last couple of months and you will agree. ‘Church’ is Shan’s sixth and last single before he… Read more »

  • Goldwash – ‘Separate’

    Goldwash’s “Separate” marks his fourth release of the year, and his sound seems to only mature and become more beautiful and prolific. We love that’s he’s able to merge multiple genres together and create a cohesive piece of art. Don’t sleep. LINK UP!!! Goldwash on Facebook Goldwash on Twitter

  • BläpDëli – Maserati

    California native BläpDëli is on a whole other level when it comes to unique beats and future bass. “Maserati” is a very solid follow up to his W O M A N album and will keep you feeling just as sexy. His tracks have a very Flume x Eprom x Luminate vibe that he twisted up… Read more »

  • SIDIBE – ‘You Wanna Love Everybody’

    Before I write anything about this song, I’ll just put the link below for you to take it in first. There are so many adjectives I can use to describe how beautiful this song is. SIDIBE shared this song with me via email and I told her it gave me goosebumps and she said she… Read more »

  • Karma Fields – ‘New Age Dark Age’ [Integrated Video]

    After shocking the world with the New Age | Dark Age album, Karma Fields continues to have us question the boundaries of audiovisual experiences with a full length album video. With the help of world renowned visual artist Raven Kwok, we are returned to the groundbreaking album in a completely new way; as our eyes… Read more »

  • Praise Cats – ‘Shined On Me’ (Ofenbach Club Remix)

    Paris is known as a place that love flourishes and deep house is becoming a fire starter in the club. SO when you combine the two you get this baby making deep groove by the up and coming French duo Ofenbach.  Get ready for summer because it is going to be extra hot with tunes like this… Read more »

  • Sizzy Rocket – ‘THRILLS’ (Official Video)

    When I first heard Sizzy Rocket’s ‘Thrills’ I knew immediately that it was going to be a hit and now we have a video and it is awesome! Check it out below I honestly, can’t stop watching it, Sizzy looks like she had a lot of fun shooting it and that joy comes through and… Read more »

  • Josh Gonzales – ‘Winter is Coming’ (Bran’s song)

    Game of Thrones fans will enjoy this. Never has the term, “winter is coming” sound so good. To celebrate the upcoming season, Josh has mashed together bloopers of the television show with this astonishingly accurate tribute song to all that is A Song of Ice and Fire. ABOUT THE ARTIST: Josh Gonzales is a Filipino singer-songwriter… Read more »