ZiG – ‘Green Garden Street’ ft. Kaileigh

Nothing but good vibes on ZiG’s ‘Green Garden Street ft Kaileigh Speaking to Milk, the group said the song was a collab between them and NYU A capella group N’Harmonics “Combining more and more NYU talent is what we strive to do, work together to achieve greatness. The vocal is a cover of Laura Mvula’s ‘Green… Read more »

mAsis – ‘Always You’

mAsis’s ‘Always You’ is that type of song where you would want to close your eyes so you can feel and hear every element in it. So that you can truly appreciate the beauty that has blessed your ears. mAsis is a Glendale, California based trio whose members have worked with the likes of Rhye, Banks and Mr Little… Read more »

love+war – ‘Go Your Own Way’ (w/ Angel Snow)

love+war, are a Nashville duo who have delivered a stunning cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way’ with Angel Snow. They recently released their debut album – a collection of songs from the 70’s (Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way’), 80’s (Springsteen’s ‘Dancing In the Dark’), 90’s (Depeche Mode’s ‘Policy of Truth’), and early… Read more »

Andreas Moe – ‘Something Right’

Andreas Moe has me swooning. I just love his voice! His latest song ‘Something Right’ is about the end of a relationship, right when you think everything is perfect. Hear it below This song is the first of three on the upcoming EP ‘Maybe It’s All We Dreamed Of’ (Out September 1 via Nettwerk Records). LINK UP!!!… Read more »

Kim Petras – ‘I Don’t Want It At All’ (Official Audio)

Kim Petras is giving us some sweet addictive pop music with her latest track ‘I Don’t Want It At All’ “My new song was inspired by a trip to Sephora of all places!” says Petras. “The cashier told my manager to ‘Just close ur eyes and swipe it, Sweetie’! I thought it was the sickest… Read more »

GEO – ‘For You’

When a song is this good, you never want it to end. That’s the feeling I get when I listen to GEO’s ‘For You’. GEO says the track was conceived late at night after a long, trying day on the phone with family. “For months I was haunted by the recently failed relationship of my… Read more »

Halsey X JDVBBS – ‘Walls Could Talk’ (Unofficial Remix)

Can this be the official remix? Because this is perfect. JDVBBS strikes again! Stop sleeping on the man, his talent is out of this world.   LINK UP!!! JDVBBS on Facebook and Twitter

Said The Sky – ‘Pray For Me’ (feat. Origami)

Said The Sky’s ‘Pray For Me’ featuring Origami is without a doubt, a hit. I love everything about it and it sounds absolutely amazing in my headphones but I would really like to hear it over some club speakers. That would be total bliss. Enjoy it below LINK UP!!! Said The Sky on Facebook and Twitter… Read more »

Aaron Creigh – ‘Gohan’

Aaron Creigh is an artist based out of Melbourne, Australia who has a really amazing voice. ‘Gohan’ is the opening track to his debut EP, ‘All we Leave are Memories’. LINK UP!!! Aaron Creigh on Facebook

The Francos – ‘To Keep You Going’

The Francos’ newest track is an indie rock gem. <3 LINK UP!!! The Francos on Facebook

  • Chakradio

    As a music lover, you just can’t listen to set genres, you have to go outside that box from time to time, and Chakradio is definitely outside that box for me, but I can’t help but love it. Chakradio is a compilation of instrumentals. The 13 track album is “43 minutes of jazzy, progressive production… Read more »

  • Sango – ‘Baile Somebody’

      Just listening to this track over and over has me so pumped because it is so freaking good! Sango released his album ‘Da Rocinha’, three days ago. The 13 track album was mixed and mastered by Kai Wright and was executively produced by Kai Wright and Joe Ka. Now, let’s talk about ‘Baile Somebody’…. Read more »

  • E-Major – Understand feat. Khrysis

    One of my favourite artists, E-Major has released his latest single off his album ‘Baltimore Bruin’ ‘Understand’ feat Khyris is a track about going for your dreams whether or not your friends and loved ones understand the sacrifices you have to make. “Music in 2014 is probably one of the hardest industries to have a… Read more »

  • MIML’S TOP 40 SONGS FOR 2013

    20. Tessanne Chin – ‘Underneath It All’ When Tessanne had to sing this song, many people were not happy with it but I was excited because I knew what she could have done with it and when she was finished, this song became an absolute favourite for me and many others. Watch: YouTube 19. Waveracer… Read more »

  • Jeftuz – ‘My Love’

    Looking for some groovy music to listen to? You HAVE to check out this track by Jeftuz. The beat is fresh and those bass lines are ridiculous. According to his Soundcloud, ‘My Love’ is the second single to the forthcoming instrumental compilation ‘The Dutch’. The Dutch will be released on January 17th through HW&W Recordings… Read more »

  • MIML'S TOP 40 SONGS FOR 2013

    I’ve always wanted to do a list like this. I originally wanted to do a top 100 but for now here is my top 40. I hope you rediscover a song that you liked or discover an artist or song. Let me know what you think of my list. 40. Lady Gaga – ‘Applause’ After… Read more »

  • Sam Smith covers Ry X’s ‘Berlin’ in the Live Lounge

    Can we talk about how frickin awesome this man is? When I first heard his voice back in February last year, I instantly fell in love. His voice is amazing and it is something I have never really heard before and what he does with his voice will bring tears to your eyes and when… Read more »

  • Beyonce – Pretty Hurts COVER – Chloe & Halle

    In my procrastination in doing my New Year chores, I saw this cover of Beyonce’s ‘Pretty Hurts’ posted on Facebook, decided to check out and I was blown away by these two. Chloe and Halle have done such an amazing job with this song.Their voices and styles are obviously different but when put together it’s… Read more »

  • How Beyoncé is saving the planet with her new album

    A great read!

  • Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Pretty Thoughts

    This song fits perfectly into my Sunday. The excellent production together with Alina Baraz’s sultry vocals will make you melt. It is a stunning piece of work that immediately puts you in a trance. Listen In scanning Galimatias’ Soundcloud page I found another song these two did together and it is as good as ‘Pretty… Read more »