Anjulie – ‘Baghdad’

Canadian-born, Indo-Guyanese singer/songwriter Anjulie recently dropped ‘Baghdad’. It’s a song that was inspired after 2016’s Karrada suicide bombing in Baghdad that killed over 300 people and injured hundreds more. The lyrics are powerful and the song is beautiful. Take it in below LINK UP!!! Anjulie on Facebook and Twitter  

Mark Elliott – ‘Summer Storm’

Mark Elliot has shared another stellar tune. ‘Summer Storm’ is a catchy mix of electronic and pop. It’s also a song that Mark wrote the day after moving out of his ex-girlfriend’s flat. “I was in B&Q, a hardware store for my American fans, picking out paint for my new room and felt overwhelmingly inspired… Read more »

Callum Pitt – ‘Rabbits’

Taking influences from The War On Drugs, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, indie-folk newcomer Callum Pitt combines finger-picked folk riffs with a stunning falsetto voice and it sounds amazing. As one girl commented on Soundcloud: “you’ve got something special, Callum” I will have to agree and I am definitely sticking around to hear what he… Read more »

Daniel Simmons – ‘Guard’

Meet Daniel Simmons. An LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer who just dropped his new song ‘Guard’. I love this vibe.

Delacey – ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’

Equal parts electronic vocalist standout and songwriter extraordinaire, Delacey’s fingerprints can be found everywhere from The Chainsmokers’ ‘New York City’ to Madison Beer’s ‘Dead’ alongside features on Markus Schulz’s ‘Destiny’ and Wingtip’s ‘Walls’. A few days ago, she dropped her debut solo single. ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ is exceptional. It only took me a few seconds… Read more »

DENM – ‘Bless Your Heart’

If you haven’t listened to DENM’s music yet, you’ve been missing out. So let me help you. Nothing but good vibes! LINK UP!!! DENM on Facebook and Twitter  

Latchmere – ‘Need Your Heart’

The last time I featured Latchmere was in May last year, today I share with you his new song, ‘Need Your Heart’. It has an amazing vibe and it’s a great way to wind down after a hard day’s work. LINK UP!!! Latchmere on Twitter

Sure Sure – ‘Hands Up Head Down’

Sure Sure has dropped a new tune today and it is fantastic! In an interview with KRCW the band said, “We really needed a song with its own dance move. Here’s how it goes: you put your hands up, keep your head down, and then bob to the beat like a zombie. You’ll see it… Read more »

Andreas Moss – ‘Stuck In My Feelings’ (Official Music Video)

Andreas Moss is another artist I’ll be adding to my ones to watch list. His track ‘Stuck In My Feelings’ is addictive and I can listen to him sing all day. Right now the video has almost 6,000 views and it deserves a whole lot more. So if you’re loving it, share it everywhere! LINK… Read more »

Zita – ‘Nighttime’

Hungarian violinist Zita has shared another stellar tune. ‘Nighttime’ is absolutely mesmerising! That ending tho! <3 Click here to grab a free download and then here to give it some love on Hype Machine. LINK UP!!! Zita on Facebook  

  • REVIEW: Mi’das – ‘All Inside Your Head’

    Mi’das a.k.a Mike Davies has a voice you don’t hear that often anymore. A voice that will make you swoon, a voice that will soothe any heartbreak, a voice that will make you smile. I spent a good bit of time listening to that voice on his debut album, ‘All Inside Your Head’. An 11 track… Read more »

  • James Robb – ‘Flamethrower’

    UK singer/songwriter James Robb’s ‘Flamethrower’ should be getting heavy rotation on the radio. The song is great and he has an amazing voice. ‘Flamethrower’ is the first single taken from James’ forthcoming EP. The song is written by James and produced by Malaysian artist Kuizz. As for the meaning behind the song, James states “It… Read more »

  • Sweeney – ‘For Her’

    It’s crazy that Sweeney’s music isn’t playing on the radio. The Colorado rapper can spit and keep your attention, so much so that my only complaint is that his tracks aren’t longer. I can listen to him all day. I first heard him on ‘Bottle Talk‘ back in February and now we have ‘For Her’…. Read more »

  • Chelsea Lankes – ‘Bullet’

     When I first featured Chelsea Lankes’ ‘Bullet’ in February I called it my theme song, and now my theme song has a video and it is fantastic! Chelsea dances and sings as if she is in an 80s pop video and I am loving it. Interesting tidbit, Chelsea learned the entire dance routine via an iPhone… Read more »

  • Starling – ‘Take It Down’ (Viga Remix)

    I would have never imagined one of Starling’s songs getting a tropical house remix but Norway producer Viga has done it and it sounds oh so good. Viga describes it as a refreshing low-tempo house version of  Starling’s beautiful ‘Take It Down’ with deep synths and catchy, percussive sounds. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Viga… Read more »

  • Dabin & Koven – ‘Revenant’

    Dabin and Koven are keeping the dubstep movement alive with ‘Revenant’. I won’t say much about the song other than to expect sublime vocals and a guitar solo that will blow your freaking mind. Stream it below If you love it, head on over to iTunes to purchase the track LINK UP!!! Dabin on Facebook… Read more »

  • Ina Wroldsen, Broiler – ‘Lay It On Me’

    When Calvin Harris’ ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ came out, that voice we all fell in love with belonged to Ina Wroldsen and now she is showing us more of what she can do on her latest track, ‘Lay It On Me’. Ina joins forces with Norwegian duo, Broiler on this song. The track comes as… Read more »

  • Frythm – ‘The Only Time’

    This song has a sick drop, vocal chops and even pac man sound effects. Frythm’s ‘The Only Time’ is his debut single on his EP, “Astral Phonics”. If this is his debut, I can only imagine what he has for us next. LINK UP!!! Frythm on Facebook and Twitter  

  • DrewsThatDude – ‘Aphrodite’

    I’m sure you have already played this song a few times like me, it’s addictive. Earlier this month, I heard DrewsThatDude’s first single, ‘Iced Tea‘ and I fell in love with the 8o8s. On ‘Aphrodite’ he gives us careful layering and sharp use of drum patterns. These two tracks are featured on his debut EP,… Read more »

  • FRENSHIP – ‘Capsize’ (w/Emily Warren)

    Well there is no doubt now, I am officially a fan of FRENSHIP. The duo charmed me with ‘Carpet‘ last month and now ‘Capsize’ which dropped a few days ago. ‘Capsize’ is centered around a back and forth between male and female vocals (courtesy Emily Warren). The way they deliver on this song, you won’t mind… Read more »